Matt Ditch | Center Point, IA
“I really like how Manure Master Plus is a complete product.
It keeps crusting down, helps cut down on solids, improves
P & K availability, and overall makes our manure more usable.
I pump my own manure and only have one pump, so
agitation was difficult prior to using Manure Master Plus.
Now, even the bottom of the pit has the ideal liquid
consistency. It’s really impressive how one product gives
me all these advantages. I’m on my third year of using
Manure Master Plus, and I plan on using it for many more.

Layne Twinam | Crawfordsville, IA
“I started using Manure Master Plus in the fall of 2018
in both finisher and nursery buildings, and have been
really pleased with it. It keeps the pits from crusting,
which also keeps the flies down. I have tried other
manure additives in the past, but with Manure Master
Plus I truly saw results.”

At Chad G’s, his corn was still nice and green and 16 to 18 kernels around on the ear. Pictures 231-233 show Chad’s corn. He just started harvesting and it’s been yielding around 140 while the area fields are lucky if they are yielding 100 bu. He has been using ProfitCoat NB and Catawater and is going to try some Soft Rock Phosphate this fall. It was amazing how there was still moisture in the soil even in a severe drought. Pictures 237-239 show area fields. Notice in the middle of each picture the dark brown stripe. That corn is dead and saprophytic fungi is moving in and actually feeding on the leaves according to an article that I read. He also harvested a field of soybeans that he used Catawater and ProfitCoat NB + Excalibre SA on and it yielded 51 bu. He said that he’s pretty pleased with the crop and is looking forward to next year!!

Jim G. commented that he had 51 bu soybeans in the field he used NPF, Starter Plus and Catawater and 43 bu in the field next to it without. The soybeans had more pods per node, were fuller and branched more. His area is part of the Red River Valley and the salt levels are very high.

Prior to spraying with Herbolyte and glyphosate a Grafton, MN, producer’s sugar beets were yellow and peaked looking. Within 24 hours they turned a dark green color, demonstrating that Herbolyte is more gently to the crop.
Jun 2012 – An Aurora, NE, grower said he sprayed a burn-down using glyphosate with AMS before soybeans and it left many lambsquarters untouched. Shortly after planting he re-sprayed using Herbolyte with glyphosate and it killed the lambsquarters.

After trying other water conditioners/adjuncts in the past with glyphosate to kill dandelions, a Grand Meadow, MN, grower found that replacing them with Herbolyte has given him the reliable control he was after. Also, where the control of dandelion as well as other tough to kill weeds are concerned, a Northwest Ohio fertilizer and chemical dealer has been using Herbolyte for eight years when custom spraying because it kills the dandelions and other weeds excellent and gives them weed control for their customers and the confidence they won’t have to re-spray.

Within 24 hours of spraying Ignite with Herbolyte the leaves on a Rosholt, SD, grower’s lambsquarters were all yellow and the plants were wilting.

A Hooper, NE, farmer trying Catawater AG for the first time this spring noticed a marked difference in soil drainage where he applied it. Following heavy rains the 28 of April, there was almost no ponding compared to untreated land, and in the past the tight soil in this field was among his poorest draining. He had intentionally applied Catawater AG to some of his more problematic land to see how it would perform and is impressed to see this early response from better soil microbial activity. He applied Catawater AG early March with UAN through his strip till bar. He will measure yield response this fall.

A long time ChemEnhancer user from Bloomington, IL, loaned some ChemEnhancer to a neighbor that ran out of AMS while spraying his glyphosate. Weeds had gotten away from him with some two foot tall lambsquarters and had increased his glyphosate rate from 22 ounces to 27 ounces. He could see right to the line where he started using ChemEnhancer with his glyphosate; within two weeks the tall lambsquarters were completely dead, whereas that treated with AMS plus glyphosate were still green.

A Danvers, IL, chemical and fertilizer dealer prepaid for his Herbolyte again and said they are very happy with the weed kill it gives compared to AMS with glyphosate in their customer spraying operation. They first became interested five years ago when they scouted a field for a customer who had been using Herbolyte and were impressed with the kill on morning glory. They tried it on a limited basis for a year and became convinced that replacing AMS with Herbolyte gives better weed control.

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