Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer

I applied Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer to my swine pit in the Spring of 2019, and it met my expectations. I was able to haul an additional 1,000 gallons in my 6,000 gallon manure application tank.

James Waldner

Lamberton, MN

Although I was skeptical about defoamer products, I tried the Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer in the fall of 2018, and found it amazing! It worked within minutes and reduced foam at pump-out. Best of all, it works on every pit. The flow is more consistent, and I can get an additional 1,000-1,500 gallons of manure in my tankers in comparison to prior years. It saves a lot of time.

Brent Dahl

Dahl Waste & Handling – Dawson, MN

I used Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer in the Fall of 2018. I stirred the swine manure pit lightly, added the product to loadout and stirred another 15 minutes. It immediately snuffed out all the foam. It was unlike anything we’ve ever used! It’s the only product we’ve found that truly works 100% and with a small amount. We were also able to loadout wide open, which saves time, and go to the field with a full load. The Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer definitely allows us the ability to get in and out of a hauling sight faster and reduces our hauling cost.

Doug Rohlik

D & G Custom Services – Belview, MN
Manrue Master Mechanical Defoamer
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