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A lot of ag companies talk about increasing farmers’ sustainability and profitability. But how many take a holistic, biological approach focused on healthy crops, healthy livestock, healthy people and a healthy environment?


If you feel like the current industrial ag model hasn’t delivered on its promises of higher profitability for farmers, we’re with you. At ProfitProAG, we focus on biology and Farming the Controllables to help farmers farm in harmony with Mother Nature. For more than 20 years, our holistic, Full-Circle System has been helping crop and livestock farmers get more from every acre, animal and gallon of manure.


We serve farmers like you

Our Full-Circle System fits a wide range of farming operations. We work with conventional and organic growers. We serve crop farmers and livestock producers, including swine, beef, dairy and poultry producers. We work with farms of all sizes across the country.


The heart of the Full-Circle System revolves around healthy soil—the kind filled with earthworm holes, nutrient-rich worm castings, and aggregated soil particles with a texture like coffee grounds. This is the foundation every farmer needs to produce more with less, since healthy soil:


  • Supports a healthy, diverse population of beneficial microbes that support plant health
  • Drains and warms up quickly in the spring
  • Doesn’t crust after planting
  • Soaks up heavy rains to control run-off
  • Stores moisture for dry spells
  • Resists erosion and nutrient loss
  • Doesn’t require ever-increasing fertilizer rates to maintain good crop yields
  • Reduces reliance on excess tillage
  • Produces healthy, nutrient-dense, high quality crops

Our “Recipe for Success” system of biology-based crop production helps you build healthier soils that help produce healthier crops (the kind with high Brix levels) that nourish healthier livestock that produce healthier food.


We don’t make cookie-cutter recommendations, either. Our “Recipe for Success” is tailored to your unique needs so you can:  

  • Lower your input costs
  • Raise your profit potential
  • Produce nutrient-dense food
  • Contribute to a healthy environment
  • Create a farming operation that’s sustainable for the long run
  • Enjoy farming again


ProfitProAG is here to help
While Farming the Controllables “Recipe for Success” creates a “roadmap” to guide you, you don’t have to go it alone. ProfitProAG’s agronomists and livestock production specialists have the knowledge, experience, products and technology to help you achieve greater profitability and sustainability.


We know that trust is never given; it’s earned, always. We appreciate your interest in ProfitProAG. Let’s start the conversation about how we can provide you with personalized, customized service and proven solutions to help make your farm more profitable and sustainable.

Jim Ladlie

Dr. Jim Ladlie

Crop & Livestock Management Consultant

Cell – (507) 383-1325

Office – (507) 373-2550


Founder and president of ProfitProAG, grew up on a farm near Albert Lea, Minnesota. He brought years of in-depth ag knowledge when he started ProfitProAG in 2000. Click here to read Jim’s story.


Dennis Klockenga


Dennis Klockenga

Crop Management Consultant

Cell – (320) 333-1608 

Office – (320) 352-0147


Dennis has been a crop management consultant for ProfitProAG for over 20 years. Based in Minnesota, he provides farmers with crop-input recommendations for fertility decisions. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy from the University of Illinois and his Master’s degree in soil fertility from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. After college, Dennis worked three years in pesticide and soybean breeding research. For the last 20 years, he has worked for ProfitProAG as a certified crop advisor (CCA). He enjoys on-farm visits and conducts soil and crop evaluations to help his clients improve their profit potential per acre. Dennis formulates a “Recipe for Success” crop production program for his clients.

Chris Chodur

Chris Chodur

Livestock & Manure Management Consultant

Cell – (507) 402-4195 

Office – (507) 373-2550


Chris is an Iowa-based animal and manure consultant for ProfitProAG who brings years of livestock industry experience to his role. After earning his degree in ag management from North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in 1993, he became NIACC’s farm manager/livestock herdsman. During his 17-year career at NIACC, he managed daily operations at the farrow-to-finish swine operation and at the college’s beef cow/calf operation. Chris worked closely with students and the public with an educational emphasis on animal health, livestock facilities, genetics and nutrition. He also helped implement many animal studies and trials for the college and its business partners. Before Chris joined ProfitProAG, he spent three years as a station manager/hog buyer for Lynch Livestock Inc., in Mason City, Iowa. This experience helped Chris establish many relationships with swine producers across Iowa and Minnesota. Chris also has a huge passion for the show-pig industry and still judges a few county fair swine shows.

John Pernat

Manure Management Consultant

Cell – (920) 285-2400 


John Pernat has been involved in crop and livestock production for 25 years. He has experience in the Wisconsin dairy industry including herd health, effective manure management and high energy, nutrient-dense feed production. 

Tony Ritten

Crop & Livestock Management Consultant

Cell – (715) 501-0190 


Tony Ritten attended college at UW-River Falls, Wisconsin, with a degree in Agronomy. He comes with over 30 years of experience as an agronomist, seed DSM, and crop consultant. Tony worked with ProfitProAG for 12 years as a dealer and has a good knowledge of the product portfolio. Tony and his wife, Laura reside in New Richmond, WI. 

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