"Recipe for Success"

ProfitProAG’s crop production system, the “Recipe for Success,” is designed to give the greatest full-season plant potential & profitability by Farming the Controllables.

Looking for practical ways to boost your farm’s profitability? 


It’s time to start Farming the Controllables. ProfitProAG simplifies the process with the “Recipe for Success” crop production system. This is no cookie-cutter plan.


Each “Recipe for Success” is tailored to your acres, whether you raise corn, soybeans, small grains, forages or cover crops.

Make farming more profitable and fun again with your custom “Recipe for Success” from ProfitProAG.

What is the “Recipe for Success?”


The “Recipe for Success” crop production system is for you if you’d like to:

  • Build healthier soils, which produce healthier crops that nourish healthier livestock.
  • Cut your fertilizer bill, thanks to nutrients that are made available from your crop residue.
  • Boost your crops’ resilience and yield potential, no matter what Mother Nature brings.
  • Eliminate multi-product mixing time and multi-package disposal with a custom rate-per-acre blend for the crop stage.
  • Raise high-quality crops and livestock.

“Tiny differences in management or inputs can lead to overwhelming differences in output.”


– Jim Ladlie


4 Simple Steps for Growers


ProfitProAG evaluates your farm’s needs.


ProfitProAG writes a recipe specific to your operation.
The recipe includes three phases – residue management, at-plant, and in-season.


ProfitProAG pre-mixes products to meet your recipe and sends them to your farm.


You add water and apply!

Residue Management

Phase 1: Residue Management

This “second harvest” focuses on efficient breakdown of crop residue to improve soil health and boost nutrient retention/availability, nitrogen fixation, water infiltration, and carbon release to feed the crop during the growing season, while reducing residual insect and disease pressure. The key benefit is improved nutrient cycling from the crop residue, which can help lower your fertilizer bill.

Phase 2: At-Plant

Jump start your yield, and get your crop off to a strong start with early-season plant health and vigor. Biological seed coatings and the right starter package supply key nutrients to seedlings and enhance plant health all season-long. Establishing healthy plants below and above ground is critical to maximizing the crop’s genetic yield potential.

Phase 3: In-Season

This “stay green” phase is designed to mitigate plant stress, which is critical when the reproductive phase of yield development begins. Foliar application of nutrients, energy and stress-reducing technology builds resilience and uniformity in a crop-production system. The end result is increased seed numbers, weight and nutrient density in grains. Forages show improved nutrient content, energy, taste, storability and reduced mycotoxins.

We’re here to help you develop a “Recipe for Success” customized to your farm’s specific needs.

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can make farming more profitable and fun again.

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“Recipe for Success”
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