Manure Master Plus–PA

Jason Johnson started treating his slatted beef barns in November of 2016 with Manure Master™ Plus–PA. Previously he had encountered major issues with hydrogen sulfide, which can have a deadly impact on both humans and cattle during pump-out. This fall, during pump-out, Jason was impressed with the very low to zero hydrogen sulfide meter readings. He also noted that by treating the manure pits with ProfitProAG products, the agitation process took half of the time in comparison to the previous year’s pump-outs—a factor that also reduced time and fuel cost. On the manure nutrient analysis side, the available nitrogen values of 23 pounds per 1,000 gallons last year doubled to 52 pounds per 1,000 gallons this year, a huge agronomic payback.

Jason Johnson

Johnson Valley Beef – Andover, IA

Brandon Schneiders owns and operates a manure pumping and application company in South Dakota. Last fall, six of his customers started using Manure Master™ Plus–PA. His goal was to liquefy the manure, reduce top crust and clean up bottom solids, which would reduce time and fuel cost during pump-out. This fall, at pump-out, he noticed the treated pits were much more liquefied during agitation. The pits stirred well, and there was less foam in full tanker loads. He also noted that the bottom solids from last year’s pits were minimal this year. He recommends ProfitProAG’s pit treatments to all of his clients for 2018.

Brandon Schneiders

BLS Custom Pumping – Dell Rapids, SD
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