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Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicide?

Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicides? Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicides?   Selecting the right herbicide is a key to effective weed control, but there’s another big factor that can make or break your results—and it’s so common you might overlook it. Water pH...

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Want to Grow Better Beans?

If crops were pro football players, corn would be the all-pro quarterback, while soybeans would be the benchwarmers. Admit it—corn often receives all the glory, but a lot of farmers tend to treat soybeans as an afterthought. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially...

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Think like a Corn Plant

While it’s tempting to think you’re in control in production agriculture, a real key to success for corn growers is to think like a corn plant. When you pay attention to 5 key controllables, you can stay 7 to 10 days ahead of your crop’s...

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Want to Cut Your Fertilizer Bill?

As crop input prices soar, what if you could reduce your fertilizer bill, simply based on the soil test you use? It’s possible with the Haney test. The Haney test, which was developed by a farmer-turned-PhD-scientist, measures major nutrients, plus it evaluates various soil health...

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Confused About Carbon?

Pop quiz—what’s the most limiting nutrient in crop production? If you guessed carbon, you’re right. There’s a lot of talk today about reducing and removing carbon to protect the environment. But what about managing carbon effectively on your farm to get more from every acre,...

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Fewer Chemicals, Better Biology, Healthier Soil

Fewer Chemicals, Better Biology, Healthier Soil Iowa Crop, Cattle Farm Benefits from the “Recipe for Success”  In farming, one key decision can set a chain of events in motion. This domino effect worked in a good way when Bob Henderson’s sons attended the Iowa Power...

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