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5 Reasons to Use Drones on your Acres

5 Reasons to Use Drones on Your Acres     When it’s time to spray, how many times is it either too muddy, or you can’t get a plane scheduled? Ever had trouble getting cover crops seeded on time?       Forget all that...

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Put Biologicals to the Test

Put Biologicals to the Test, Cut Fertilizer Bill with BeCrop     There’s a lot of buzz today about biologicals to boost crop yields, but can they really deliver on their promises? You don’t have to guess anymore, thanks to an advanced soil test that...

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Is it time for a new vision for agriculture?

Is It Time for a New Vision for Agriculture?     As 2023 gets underway, there’s a lot for farmers to manage, including high energy prices, soaring fertilizer costs, weather challenges and a potentially prolonged period of high interest rates. If it feels like the...

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Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicide?

Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicides? Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicides?   Selecting the right herbicide is a key to effective weed control, but there’s another big factor that can make or break your results—and it’s so common you might overlook it. Water pH...

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Want to Grow Better Beans?

If crops were pro football players, corn would be the all-pro quarterback, while soybeans would be the benchwarmers. Admit it—corn often receives all the glory, but a lot of farmers tend to treat soybeans as an afterthought. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially...

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Think like a Corn Plant

While it’s tempting to think you’re in control in production agriculture, a real key to success for corn growers is to think like a corn plant. When you pay attention to 5 key controllables, you can stay 7 to 10 days ahead of your crop’s...

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