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At-Plant “Jump Start Yield”

Nitrogen fertilizer prices are shattering records. Supply chain challenges are getting worse. Inflation and shortages are becoming the norm. What’s your next move? Plant less corn next spring? Cut back on fertilizer to save money? It's time to control the controllables on your farm and...

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Residue Management “Second Harvest”

With the threat of rising fertilizer prices, it’s essential to maximize the free fertilizer you have in your fields already. Where’s that fertilizer, you ask? It’s locked up in your corn residue. Tough, “super stalks” are often part of raising insect-resistant, high-yielding corn with modern...

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Biologically Treat Manure

Crusting. Sludge. Flies. Odor. Foam. Toxic gasses. What if you didn’t have to fight these challenges with your manure pit? Yes, it’s possible. When natural systems are working properly and biological systems are in balance, manure is quite easy to manage. So why aren’t more...

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Utilize Crop Rotation & Cover Crops

It’s no secret that cover crops offer an array of benefits. But maybe you’ve experienced a cover crop failure. Challenges like this tend to arise when cover crops are treated as an afterthought. John Urbanick, a Pennsylvania farmer and ProfitProAG client, knows you've got to...

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Reduce Tillage Cost

Got rain? While there’s plenty of talk about praying for rain and jokes about rain dances this summer, why aren’t more people discussing tillage? How much is tillage really costing you, especially when Mother Nature turns the water off? We contend that intensive tillage is...

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Minimize Plant Stress This Summer, Maximize Crop Yields This Fall

If you’re concerned about dry conditions this summer, it’s time to control the controllables that impact yield potential. There’s one thing you don’t want if you’re trying to keep crops green and healthy, and that’s ethylene. Plants produce ethylene when they’re stressed. Did you know...

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Microbes, Manure and Better Water Quality

When was the last time you heard anyone outside of agriculture praise farmers’ efforts to improve water quality? Livestock producers, in particular, often get blamed for water quality challenges. While many farmers have adopted more eco-friendly farming practices to protect water quality, there’s still a...

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Stalk Rot

If drought conditions hit your area this summer, there’s a good chance stalk rot might be lurking in your fields. How do you know if your corn crop is at higher risk for lodging this harvest? Click here to put your crop to the test...

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Fall Armyworms

If you grow small grains like wheat, alfalfa, hay or cover crops, there could be big trouble lurking in your fields right now. Click here to determine if you’re at threshold levels and how to prevent armyworms from destroying your crop.

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Is your pit foaming

If your manure pit is foaming manure pit, you need answers—now. Just ask John Yoder, vice president of manure-handling equipment for Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc., eastern Iowa’s largest retail and wholesale supplier of agricultural products. Plenty of products claim to manage foam, but not all...

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Are you a Hight-Brix Farmer?

Would you be willing to invest about $100 in a simple tool to assess the quality of your crop, week by week? It’s easy when you use a refractometer to measure Brix levels in your plants, right in the field. Higher Brix levels go hand...

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