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Enhance Your Calves’ Water for Better Gut Health

What’s essential to most bodily functions, yet it’s something the body has no way to store? It’s water, which is best when it is supplied fresh every day.


Water has been called the “forgotten nutrient,” since it’s easy to overlook its importance. Ashley Mergen understands the value of water, though. As the calf manager at Tag Lane Dairy in Ixonia, Wisconsin, she makes sure the calves have plenty of clean, healthy water to drink each day. She has also started mixing Eubio-NBS (LDWE + TM) into the calves’ water supplies.


“We clean the waterers once a week and add the Eubio then,” says Ashley, speaking of ProfitProAG’s water enhancer, which acts as a natural, biological stimulant.


That means keeping harmful microbes in the calves’ environment in check. Eubio-NBS (LDWE + TM) can help promote the growth beneficial microbes. It’s also a safe product, since it’s biodegradable, non-toxic, nonhazardous, non-corrosive and non-irritating. “Water is an essential nutrient for growing calves,” says Ashley, who plans to continue using Eubio-NBS. “I like things that help the calves develop a healthy microbiome in their gut.”

The identifiable benefits of Eubio-NBS (LDWE + TM) are:

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