Goss’s Wilt Alert! Check Your Fields—Now

Goss’s Wilt Alert! Check Your Fields—Now       Goss’s wilt is exploding in fields across the Corn Belt right now. If you haven’t been scouting your cornfields for Goss’s Wilt, get out there now.         “I’ve never seen Goss’s Wilt this bad this early in the growing season,” said Dennis Klockenga, […]

2023 Management Strategies for Goss’s Wilt and Tar Spot in Corn

2023 Management Strategies for Goss’s Wilt and Tar Spot in Corn What are diseases Goss’s Bacterial Wilt and Tar Spot fungus and why is there a concern?     Goss’s Wilt is a bacterial disease found in corn. The bacteria shuts down the pipeline of nutrients and water from traveling up and down the stalk […]


GroPAL is a highly concentrated ocean water concentrate that undergoes a number of natural solar concentration processes where the sodium levels gradually reduce and leave an ionic solution low in sodium, yet packed full of other minerals and trace elements. These bio-essential building blocks of life are missing in many types of soil. GroPAL infuses these essential nutrients back into the soil, the plant and the ecosystem.


Bulk-R is an advanced generation of plant nutrients to enhance nutrient availability and uptake by the plants. It contains natural growth promoters, enzyme precursors and nutrients essential for stimulating root growth and fruit bulking. Bulk-R is a blend of water soluble plant nutrients for efficient crop use and provides nutrients in a readily available form.

Bio-Mineral 75

Bio-Mineral 75 is a blend of natural Mineral 75 Ore and a Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer. Mineral 75 Ore, when solubilized with Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer, supplies an excellent source of natural minerals that are slowly available for the plant with a long term release. Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer unlocks, solubilizes and stabilizes the minerals in Mineral 75 Ore.

BioImpact The Natural Adjuvant

BioImpactTM is a specialized formulation of chitosan, a natural surfactant and sticking agent. BioImpact can positively affect the application of nutritional sprays. BioImpact is a unique synergistic blend of principal functioning agents featuring the combined properties of a superior agricultural spreader and sticker.


Bio-Empruv 0-9-6 contains a blend of biological stimulants, natural fermentation extracts, natural surfactants and microbial metabolites. Bio-Empruv stimulates the plant’s defense mechanisms and improves resistance against many environmental and physiological disorders

Bio Energy +

Bio Energy + BioEnergy+ sublimates the needed energy for the plant to maximize its genetic potential in yield and quality. BioEnergy+ is a unique blend of sugars, Molasses, Chitosan and natural nutrient compounds, microbials biostimulants and ethylene inhibitors which is ideal for all uses on soils and plants. BioEnergy+ easily incorporates into existing crop production […]

Sea Crop

SEA-CROP® is composed of organic matter, over 90 naturally occurring elements and minerals derived from
pristine seawater, but with the sodium chloride 95% reduced. Unlike other sea minerals, SEA-CROP has never been dried or subjected to heat. Drying or heating can destroy organic compounds.

Pacific Gro – Oceanic Hydrolysate

Pacific Gro – Oceanic Hydrolysate Pacific Gro is an organic source of a great range of nutrients that improves soil health and builds humus. Fish oil is a preferred food source for soil microorganisms, particularly beneficial fungi. Farmers noticea proliferation of soil life and restoration of a healthy fungal-bacterial balance. It’s often applied with microbial […]