Bio-Mineral 75

Bio-Mineral 75 is a blend of natural Mineral 75 Ore and a Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer. Mineral 75 Ore, when solubilized with Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer, supplies an excellent source of natural minerals that are slowly available for the plant with a long term release. Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer unlocks, solubilizes and stabilizes the minerals in Mineral 75 Ore.
When Bio-Mineral 75 is applied to the crop root zone or foliage, it supplies the required structural and functional minerals necessary to achieve healthy and improved crop growth and production. The mineral elements, supplied by Bio-Mineral 75, are often missing from the soil, which reduces crop health, yield potential and quality. Achieving high grain, forage and plant quality traits are dependent on acquiring these necessary minerals.

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