5 Reasons to Use Drones on Your Acres

    When it’s time to spray, how many times is it either too muddy, or you can’t get a plane scheduled? Ever had trouble getting cover crops seeded on time?


    Forget all that frustration. Things are looking up, thanks to today’s high-tech drones. These aerial workhorses can literally transcend the limitations of time and space for faster, more flexible in-field applications and seeding.


  1. Save time and money with precision application. Today’s drones are larger than ever, covering 25-foot swaths and flying 28 feet per second (22 to 24 miles per hour). They apply crop protection products exactly when and where they are needed, at the optimum rate, which means more profit potential per acre.
  2. Higher yield potential. ProfitProAG has teamed up with Jeramy Williams, a licensed drone pilot and owner of American Drone, on aerial application and cover crop seeding. Corn and soybeans growers we’ve worked with report yield bumps ranging from 6 to 28 bushels per acre with drone applications, since applications are much timelier, and there’s no ground rig crushing the plants. Farmers who chop corn silage have reported a 6- to 15-ton positive difference with the drone, which eliminates corner tucking and crushing.
  3. No soil compaction. When you don’t have huge sprayers with 120-foot booms rolling over your fields (and sinking into the soil), you avoid compaction.
  4. Improved safety. Drones fly roughly 12 feet above the crop, which enhances precision application and limits drift. Drones are also safer for the operator, compared to traditional crop dusting.
  5. Beat the labor shortage challenge. It’s getting harder to find trained, skilled applicators to run conventional ground rigs. Maybe you’re wondering, “Should I buy my own drone or contract with a commercial applicator?” ProfitProAG and American drone can help you ask the key questions to determine the right option for your farm.


    From crop protection applications to cover crop seeding, ag drones are earning their place on more farms. Contact ProfitProAG today to learn more about how to put this tremendous potential to work on your acres.

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