2023 Winter Conference
A New Vision for Agriculture


Knowledge is power when successfully adapting a regenerative & sustainable farming approach


Join a dynamic group of forward-thinking experts & growers taking crop production to a whole new level with a regenerative ag approach.


Learn how you can build more resilience and sustainability into your cropping and livestock operation ­— while consistently reducing cost and boosting profitibility — by implementing our “Farming the Controllables – Recipe for Success” system.


Come Thursday, February 16 (10 am to 7 pm) and Friday, February 17 (8 am to 3 pm) at ProfitProAG’s headquarters in Albert Lea, Minnesota.


Can you really be profitable in today’s market? Yes!

Join a dynamic group of forward-thinking experts and growers who are taking crop production to a whole new level with a regenerative ag approach. We will share our knowledge about the benefits of adapting a regenerative, sustainable approach to crop and livestock production. Using the Haney test and microbiome genomic testing, we will show you how to evaluate soil health, including:

  • Total nutrient availability and balance
  • The health of the soil food web, which includes the type and numbers of microbes and their functionality.
  • Accounting for all nutrient sources (including crop residue–think free fertilizer!) and adapting a regenerative approach to help you lower your cost of production and improve crop quality.
  • You’ll also learn the benefits of using drones for foliar applications on your farm. (There will be a live drone demonstration, weather permitting
  • You’ll leave this event with an example “Recipe for Success” that shows you how to take this knowledge and apply if to your acres. You will also gain deeper insights into how a regenerative ag system can pay off for your farm.


There will be time for participants to interact with the presenters and other growers at this event


We will be featuring knowledgeable speakers who will bring you the understanding you need on soil health implementation and testing, and how regenerative agriculture effects you, your farming operation, and ultimately, your profitability.

Are we on a collision course if we stick with “conventional” farming practices? Brian offers powerful insights and also sees an incredible opportunity for agriculture, if we refocus on the soil. Discover why healthy soil is the foundation on resilient farms, healthy people, and revitalized communities — and learn the one thing you must do to start building better soil structure.

Al Toops

Chief Agronomist


Soil tests are nothing new, but Al will discuss a new approach to evaluate soil health, including the total nutritional and microbial content of the soil. Learn how and why you can put the Haney test and microbiome genomic testing to work on your farm.

Dr. Jim Ladlie

Crop & Livestock Management Consultant

Cell – (507) 383-1325

Office – (507) 373-2550


Jim has spent a life time helping growers be more sustainable and profitable by adapting a regenerative approach to farming. With a PhD in Crop Science from Michigan State University and over 40 years in the agriculture industry, Dr. Ladlie’s foresight, research, knowledge and creative solutions have led to a proven crop management system that produces healthy crops/animals and manages risks while maximizing profits.

Bruce Odens

Nature’s Source

Raised on a Midwest family farm, Bruce has dedicated his life and career to agriculture, working in various capacities of the ag chemical and biological fields. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with majors in Business and Political Science. Bruce acquired Nature’s Source Plant Food, a best-in-class manufacturer of bio-nutritional products high in organic carbon, in 2019. He continues to work with numerous manufacturers to deliver components that drive nutrient use efficiency, soil health and grower profitability.

Jeramy Williams


American Drone

Why use drones for foliar fertilization and more? No soil compaction, no need to run over crops, and more timely, precise applications. No one understands these opportunities better than Jeramy Williams, founder and owner of American Drone. Jeramy is a Wisconsin farm kid at heart, a mechanical engineer by training, and a licensed pilot with an entrepreneurial spirit. He helps farmers, ag cooperatives and other clients learn about the latest drone innovations so they can put this exciting technology to work on more acres, whether they want to handle aerial application themselves or hire American Drone to get the job done.

John Pernat

John Pernat

Manure Management Consultant

Cell – (920) 285-2400 


“Practice what you preach” could be John Pernat’s motto. John has been involved in crop and livestock production for 25 years. He’s especially well versed in the Wisconsin dairy industry, where he has gained a wealth of knowledge about herd health, effective manure management, and ways to produce high-energy, nutrient-dense feed. In years past, John was part of the US Custom Harvesters crew, an association of professional custom harvesters. Today, John farms 800 acres of corn, soybeans, hay and wheat. Not only is he a mechanic, farm manager and more, but he puts ProfitProAG’s products to the test in real-world conditions on his acres.

Dennis Klockenga

Crop Management Consultant

Cell – (320) 333-1608 

Office – (320) 325-0147


Dennis is top of his profession when it comes to regenerative crop production knowledge and developing profitable grower production plans. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy from the University of Illinois and his Master’s Degree in Soil Fertility from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. After college, Dennis worked three years in soybean breeding research. For the last 20 years, he has worked for ProfitProAG as a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) for top commodity crop producers. He enjoys on-site field visits with soil and crop evaluations to determine how to improve profits per acre for his clients.

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