Boost Your Odds of Success with the "Recipe for Success"

Nebraska Farmer’s Bio-Based System Makes Farming Simpler
Even if you don’t make New Year’s resolutions, you probably have goals for your farming operation this year. Brian Hoffman is that kind of farmer.


When he built a slatted, monoslope beef barn in 2017, he wanted to prevent manure from building up. What started as a search for one answer led him to a step-by-step system that’s benefiting his entire crop and livestock operation.


“I searched the internet to find answers about the manure build-up issue,” said Hoffman, a fifth-generation farmer who raises corn, soybeans and cattle near Brunswick, Nebraska.


He came across ProfitProAG’s website. He started reading about Manure Master™ products, which help manure digestion and liquefaction, reduce top crusting and bottom solids and minimize odors. He watched the video testimonials from farmers who use Manure Master products. Their stories convinced him to give the system a try.


“Manure Master works,” he said. “It breaks the solids down and keeps the manure liquefied, which makes pump-out a lot easier. It also keeps the ammonia smell in check.”


Hoffman also uses Eubio-NBS (c10) as part of ProfitProAG’s Manure Master program. This natural, biological stimulant, which is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, optimizes liquid manure to support natural processes essential for healthy soil and plants.


Once a month, he applies Manure Master and Eubio-NBS (c10) through the slats in his cattle barn. This monthly treatment plan works so well that Hoffman has used Eubio and other ProfitProAG products on the crop side of his operation, too.


“It seems better to get things to work naturally, rather than always using chemicals,” Hoffman said.


The “Recipe for Success” is tailored to your acres
Hoffman also likes how ProfitProAG makes it easy to develop a plan that integrates solutions for his crop and livestock operation.


“It’s called the “Recipe for Success,” and it’s no cookie-cutter plan,” said Dr. Jim Ladlie, founder and CEO of ProfitProAG. “Each “Recipe for Success” is tailored to your acres, whether you raise corn, soybeans, small grains, forages or cover crops.”


Try the “Recipe for Success” if you want to:

  • Build healthier soils, which produce healthier crops that nourish healthier livestock.
  • Cut your fertilizer bill, thanks to nutrients that are made available from your crop residue.
  • Boost your crops’ resilience and yield potential, no matter what Mother Nature brings.
  • Eliminate multi-product mixing time and multi-package disposal with your custom rate-per-acre blends to the crops’ stages of production.
  • Raise high-quality crops and livestock.


The “Recipe for Success” includes three phases to help you control the controllables:


  • Phase I Residue Management. This “second harvest” focused on efficient breakdown of crop residue to improve soil health and boost nutrient retention/availability, nitrogen fixation, water infiltration, and carbon release to feed the crop during the growing season, while reducing residual insect and disease pressure. The key benefit is improved nutrient cycling from the crop residue, which can help lower your fertilizer bill.


  • Phase II At-Plant. Jump start your yield, and get your crop off to a strong start with early-season plant health and vigor. Biological seed coatings and the right starter package supply key nutrients to seedlings and enhance plant health all season-long. Establishing healthy plants below and above ground is critical to maximizing the crop’s genetic yield potential. “I’ve used Eubio in-furrow with my planter and have had good results,” Hoffman said.


  • Phase III In-Season. Stay green to the finish! This phase helps mitigate plant stress, which is critical when the reproductive phase of yield development begins. Foliar application of nutrients, energy and stress-reducing technology builds resilience and uniformity in a crop-production system. The end result is increased seed numbers, weight and nutrient density in grains. Forages show improved nutrient content, energy, taste, storability and reduced mycotoxins. Hoffman has applied a variety of ProfitProAG products through his pivot irrigation system, including BioEnergy+. This blend of sugars, molasses, chitosan, microbials and more easily incorporates into existing crop production programs. It promotes uniformity in crop growth and the canopy, encourages healthy soil ecology, and enhances plants’ ability to overcome in-season stresses. “When I use this, my crops are healthier, and the plants stay green longer through the growing season,” Hoffman said.


A holistic system like the “Recipe for Success” appeals to Hoffman, who appreciates how ProfitProAG explains each step of the process. “It makes it easier to have ProfitProAG put all this together in a plan for me. I think biology-based systems like this are the future of agriculture, rather than chemical-based systems.”


Hoffman encourages other farmers to try ProfitProAG’s “Recipe for Success.” It’s okay to start small, like he did when he tried the Manure Master system. “Try a few products, and do your own on-farm trials,” Hoffman said. “You can benefit your crops and livestock and get your farm’s biology back in balance.”


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