Stalk Rot

If drought conditions hit your area this summer, there’s a good chance stalk rot might be lurking in your fields. How do you know if your corn crop is at higher risk for lodging this harvest? Click here to put your crop to the test and prioritize which fields to harvest first.

Bio Myco

MycoBio Seed Coating is a dry blend of beneficial plant bacteria and fungi, which includes mycorrhizae fungi. It also contains key nutrients to support the initial stages of seedling and microbial development. It promotes increased nutrient cycling, boosts initial plant growth, overall plant health and productivity. In-field observations have shown improved seedling vigor, stand establishment, root system growth and season long health enhancement. MycoBio Seed Coating is recommended for use on all plant seed.

Fight Flies with Smart Manure Management

Fight flies

Do you have fly problems? Steve Jaster from Medford, MN did until he started using Manure Master Plus–PA on his farm. “Some farmers are always looking for the cheapest product or a silver bullet to control files. My advice is to get Manure Master Plus and stick with it. When you manage files from the start, you have one less thing to worry about.” Read on for more details