Phase 1: Residue Management </br> “Second Harvest”

Phase 1 “Second Harvest” Never underestimate the power of microbes to break down residue efficiently and recycle nutrients. This “second harvest” promotes soil health, improves nutrient retention, enhances nitrogen fixation, reduces disease and insect pressure, improves yield potential and boosts profit potential. 507 373 2550 Products used in Phase 1 of the corn “Recipe for […]

Phase II: At-Plant </br>”Jump Start Yield”

”Jump Start Yield” – Controlling the controllables at this phase helps “jumpstart your yield.” Now’s the time to protect seeds properly to get seedlings off to a strong start. Biological seed coatings offer a seedling-and season-long plant-health enhancement approach while also supplying key nutrients. This will establish a healthy plant below ground and above ground. […]

Phase III: In-Season </br>”Stay Green”

”Stay Green” – Look at most fields across the Midwest, and it’s clear that corn is dying prematurely each growing season. Think “stay green” instead. This is tied to minimizing plant stress during the growing season (Hint-discover the value of ethylene inhibitors). PHASE 3