Manure Master™ Plus – PA

Manure Master™ Plus – PA Enhance your overall liquid manure management with Manure Master Plus – PA. It helps manure digestion and liquefaction, minimizes barn and field odors, reduces top crusting and bottom solids, improves soil health and crop performance, alleviates pest pressure and improves nutrient retention.

Manure Master™ Foam Away

Manure Master™ Foam Away Knockdown microbial foam in swine storage facilities with Manure Master FoamAway. This dry product is easy-to-apply and can eliminate foaming in manure pits within 3 to 7 days of use and residual abatement of pit foam for two months or longer.

Manure Master™ Mechanical Defoamer

Manure Master™ Mechanical Defoamer Reduce mechanical foaming and improve load capacity and hauling efficiency by applying Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer at pump-out.

Manure Master™ Conditioner

Manure Master™ Conditioner Increase manure microbial digestion by treating manure with Manure Master Conditioner. It helps lift bottom solids to the top for better digestion. It also helps reduce pathogens by stimulating beneficial microbes, reducing ammonia release and overall odor, as well as increase phosphorus/nitrogen retention and availability.

Chitosan Acetate 1%

Chitosan Acetate 1% The strong cationic nature of chitosan forms bonds with molecules that are anionic in nature, such as TSS (Total Suspended Solids) in wastewater. This process forms clumps of floc or flocculant, woolly looking masses. The wastewater, with the floc, can be more effectively filtered or screened to obtain less turbid effluent.