BioSequester is the most complete and advanced tool for managing all types of crop residue. It delivers enhanced residue breakdown powered by a natural team of residue digesting microorganisms.


Bio-Release is a fertilizer additive that reduces fixation of plant nutrients after soil application and unlocks unavailable plant nutrients in the soil, which allows for maximum crop uptake.


Solu-PLKS is a soil conditioner extracted from leonardite ore and biodegradable ingredients. Solu-PLKS may help in macro and micronutrients availability for the plants and microorganisms. Contains Non-plant Food Ingredients.

Environoc 401

Environoc 401 ENVIRONOC 401 is a natural consortium of beneficial microorganisms, including nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes. With a diverse team of beneficial microorganisms present in high concentration levels, ENVIRONOC 401 is a natural way to promote the fundamental relationship between the soil and plant. The microbes that make up this robust team are […]