Can You Really Be Profitable in Today’s Market?

Can You Really be Profitable in Today’s Market? How much did your fertilizer bill jump in the last few years? While farmers tripled their fertilizer budget, in some cases, fertilizer manufacturers recorded triple-digit profit increases for most of 2022.             The numbers are shocking. “Mosaic’s net earnings totaled $842 million in the first nine months […]

Carbon Farming: Often-Overlooked Nutrient Boosts Crop Production

Pop quiz—what’s the most limiting nutrient in crop production? If you guessed carbon, you’re right. There’s a lot of talk today about reducing and removing carbon to protect the environment. But what about managing carbon effectively on your farm to get more from every acre, animal and gallon of manure? There are 5 things every farmer must understand about carbon to produce healthier crops, provide more nutritious feed for livestock and supply more nutrient-dense food for people. Knowledge by itself isn’t enough, though. Click here to learn about the 5 things and a 3-phase Recipe for Success for carbon management to build healthier soils, cut your fertilizer bill, and boost your crops’ resilience and yield potential, no matter what Mother Nature brings.


HOW TO BE AN OVERCOMER There’s a saying that everyone wants to be an overcomer, but nobody really wants any challenges to overcome. While there are plenty of challenges in modern agriculture, ProfitProAG’s Winter Conference 2023 offered a wealth of knowledge to help you be an overcomer.  “As Albert Einstein said, we can’t solve our […]

Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicide?

Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicides? Is Water pH Hindering Your Herbicides?   Selecting the right herbicide is a key to effective weed control, but there’s another big factor that can make or break your results—and it’s so common you might overlook it. Water pH can negatively affect the stability of some crop protection products, […]