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February 2017

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February 16, 2017

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Crop Management News

Big Changes and Challenges Ahead in 2017

Get a heads up on weather, markets, economic and political cycles by tuning into ProfitProAG’s February 16th teleconference call that features Larry Acker.

There are many interacting factors that impact production agriculture and the outcome in production and profitability. The more knowledge acquired regarding these external influences, the better that profitability can be managed in any operation. A global economy dictates that weather/market trends and economic/political cycles need to influence all management decisions both short and long term.

Larry Acker, a leading climatologist and marketing expert, will outline what’s ahead and provide better management techniques for future trends and cycles.

The Teleconference is Thursday, February 16th from 8 to 9 pm (Central Time). Call 1-855-212-0212, and then enter the meeting ID No. 769-100-082# (pound key). Just dial the number, listen and get your questions answered. Anonymity maintained. All calls will be muted when joining the teleconference. To ask a question press *6 (star six). After asking the question please press *6 again to re-mute your phone.

You are invited to ProfitProAG’s

2017 Winter Conference on February 9th & 10th.

ProfitProAG’s Winter Conference is a FREE two-day event. Attend either day or both days. A noon lunch will be served both days with dinner on the first day.


We have an excellent lineup of conference speakers to provide insight on how to improve your bottom line. See our website for their credentials.

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Livestock & Manure Management News


Enhance the Plant Nutrient Value and
Soil Health Attributes of Manure

by Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultant

Every pit and lagoon may have similar issues and conditions, but each has its own characteristics. With that in mind, a “one size fits all” approach may not always yield the best results when treating manure pits/lagoons. Each pit/lagoon is treated individually by researching the history, analyzing current conditions and then formulating a plan of action.

Benefits of ProfitProAG’s Manure Treatment Service

Facility Benefits:

Reduces crusting & bottom solids

Regains pit/lagoon capacity

Reduces facility corrosion

Reduces fly breeding areas

Reduces lethal gases

Reduces foaming

Reduces agitation requirements

Better time & risk management

Agronomic Benefits:

Improves nutrient retention & availability

Improves soil health

Adds beneficial microbes to soil rhizosphere

  Reduces salt content

  Improves nutrient uniformity in field applications from start to finish


Contract with ProfitProAG,
“The Manure Treatment Experts”
to manage your manure on an annual basis.



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