Very informative telephone conversation on Chitosan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide food and livestock producers and consumers with education, resources, research, value-added products and technology to implement renewable farming systems. Implementation will restore nutrient balance and biological activity to soils for the production of nutrient-dense, high brix food necessary for healthy livestock and people.

On our trip around south Dakota we stopped in Claremont to talk with Dennis about the corn crop and the program we have developed for this colony farm.

Video of the corn crop in Miller South Dakota. There is also a nice comparison to the crop just across the road. Take a few minutes to see what a biological farming program can do.

Why choose ProfitPro® AG?

It’s Simple…

  • We deliver results!
  • Personal and customized service based on your specific needs and programs.
  • Our Full Circle System™  grows healthier food, for healthier animals, which produce cleaner less toxic manure, that goes on the fields to fertilize the crops.
  • Our Crop Advantage Plus™  Program is a tailored plan based on a by-crop/by-field basis that encompasses the ways and means to achieve your predetermined yield and quality goals. The program focuses on balancing soil minerals and biology to meet or exceed your crop’s growth habits and seasonal dietary needs.
  • Our Manure Master™ program offers the following improvements and advantages: manure utilization; nutrient retention and balance; application ease and uniformity; facility longevity; agronomic efficiency; and economic improvement. In-field research shows a 5 to 15 percent yield improvement the first year with the Manure Master Program.
  • Our patented Crop Soil Analysis Calculator that includes the Soil Mineral Balancer, the Crop Nutrient Calculator and the Crop Program Planner. With this powerful tool our field consultants can tell you exactly what you need and more importantly, when you need it.
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