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Our mission is to provide food/feed producers and consumers with knowledge through education, resources, research, value-added products and technology to implement regenerative, sustainable, ecologically healthy and profitable farming systems. Implementation will restore biodiversity, bioactive carbon and nutrient balance/availability to achieve healthy soils for the production of nutrient-dense,

high Brix food necessary for healthy livestock and people.

“Recipe for Success”

ProfitProAG’s “Recipe for Success” is designed to maximize the resources that lead to the greatest production potential and profitability by Farming the Controllables.


For Crop Growers

Profitability in crop production is about optimizing the genetic potential of the seed you plant. This is achieved by optimizing crop stands, minimizing plant stress and maximizing plant energy production. Receive a proven recipe for increasing crop yields.


For Livestock Producers

Whether you raise swine, beef, dairy cattle or poultry, it pays to use eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that help you enhance your animals’ well-being and boost your profit potential. ProfitProAG carries a wide range of manure-management solutions, high-quality bedding, enhanced water conditioners, and feed additives.

For Organic Operations

Organic farmers know that soil health and beneficial microbes are essential

to sustainable farming. While ProfitProAG’s solutions fit both conventional and organic farmers, we know that organic producers have specific requirements. With our years

of experience serving organic farmers nationwide, we can tailor options to your organic farm’s unique needs.

Featured Product

Manure Master™ Plus–PA

Manure Master Plus–PA provides technology to enhance liquid manure
management including storage, handling, application, soil health, crop response and environmental safety.


Manure Master™ Plus–PA

After using your product in my hog barn pit, there was no odor present when I emptied it last spring and this fall. For 22 years, I used another product for odor and solids but yours is far superior!

Richard Rosener
Vail, IA

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