Navigate the 2022 Crop Production Challenges

"Our ‘Recipe for Success’ system of biology-based crop production helps you build healthier soils that help produce healthier crops that nourish healthier livestock that produce healthier food."

–Dr. Jim Ladlie, founder and CEO of ProfitProAG

Fertilizer prices are shattering records. Supply chain challenges are getting worse. Inflation and shortages are becoming the norm. What’s your next move? Plant less corn next spring? Cut back on fertilizer to save money?


With all this uncertainty, Farming the Controllables is vital. ProfitProAG’s three-phase “Recipe for Success” makes this simple and can set you up for success in 2022.


Join Dr. Jim Ladlie, founder and CEO of ProfitProAG, on Wednesday, December 15 at 3 p.m. during the 2021 Farm News Ag Show in Fort Dodge, where he’ll explain:


  • Phase I Residue Management. What if you could get free fertilizer? Roughly four tons of corn residue per acre are left behind by a 180 bu/A corn crop. That material contains 80 pounds of nitrogen, 30 pounds of phosphorus, 190 pounds of potash, 16 pounds of sulfur, 35 pounds of calcium, and 25 pounds of magnesium. These nutrients are free, when you break down crop residue biologically and release these nutrients to feed next year’s crop. Learn more about how easy and cost effective this “second harvest” can be.


  • Phase II At-Plant. Jump start your yield, and get your crop off to a strong start with early-season plant health and vigor. Biological seed coatings and the right starter package supply key nutrients to seedlings and enhance plant health all season-long. Establishing healthy plants below and above ground is critical to maximizing the crop’s genetic yield potential.


  • Phase III In-Season. This “stay green” phase is designed to mitigate plant stress, which is critical when the reproductive phase of yield development begins. Foliar application of nutrients, energy and stress-reducing technology builds resilience and uniformity in a crop-production system. The end result is increased seed numbers, weight and nutrient density in grains. Forages show improved nutrient content, energy, taste, storability and reduced mycotoxins.


Customize this three-phase “Recipe for Success” to build healthier soils that produce healthier crops that nourish healthier livestock that produce healthier food.


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