Previous Teleconferences

Previous Agronomic Teleconferences

Previous Agronomic Teleconferences
Starter Fertilization
Did you have Gross’s Wilt in your corn in 2013?
The Potassium Paradox / Biological Seed Coating Study
A Discussion with Dr. Don Huber
PEDV a Concern for Hog Producers
Update on Weather and Markets for the Fall of 2013, Fall Crop Management Strategies and Overview of Input & Operational Loan Financing
Unleash Your Crops Genetic Potential
Developing a Winning Crop Production Plan for 2014 … Direction swithout Doubt
In-season Nutrient Management Strategies
A Review of New Service and Product Technologies
New Technology for Managing the Root Zone and Plant Health
Microbiology is the Foundation to a Healthy Production System
Direction Without Doubt – Regarding Your Crop Nutrition Program
Learn & Earn ― A review of what you will learn by attending ProfitPro’s 2013 Winter Conference
Weather and Markets 2013 with Larry Acker
Crop AdvantagePlus™ Program – Part III with Larry Acker & Ken Hamilton
Crop Advantage Plus – A Value Added Crop Enhancement System
Larry Acker Weather & Markets Summer 2012
Unlocking the Secrets to Foliar Success
Improving Performance of Your Roundup® Ready Crops
Improving Prod. in a Cropping Operation with Catawater® Technology & Micronutrient App.
A Competitive Edge with the Full-Circle Crop Management System™ Consulting Agreement
What can Probiotic Seed Treatments do for You?
Why Is it Important To Be Probiotic In Our Farming Operation?
Seed Treatments, Inoculants and Coatings with Emphasis on Winter Wheat & SabrEX
Current Field Observation “What to Look for and Management Strategies”
Dr. Don Huber’s View on the Impact of Glyphosate
The Link between Soil Health and Premature Death of Crops
Glyphosate’s Impact on Soil and Plant Health
Full-Circle System
Residue Management
Crop Alert! Utilizing Herbolyte & Micro Mix to Resolve Glyphosate Issues
Crop Residue Recycling and Catawater® AG Technology
Leveraging Your Cropping System with Mycorrhizal Fungi
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