An Effective Manure Treatment Product Technology for Swine, Dairy or Beef Pits and Lagoons Bioaugmenting Manure to Enhance Nutrient Cycling Raw manure can cause major issues in the soil if not properly augmented. High salt levels, pathogens and toxic substances can all wreak havoc on the soil food web. One of the best ways to combat the negative attributes of raw manure is to bioaugment it before application to the soil. Bioaugmenting manure is a process that will enhance nutrient cycling, reduce harmful pathogens and reduce salts in the soil. The result will be high-quality nutrient rich and biologically active manure that your plants and soil will love.   Click here for instructional materials 


Here are some past teleconferences you may have missed.

Did you have Goss’s Wilt in your Corn 2013?

Disscussion with Dr Don Huber

The Oct 17th Crop Production Teleconference call will be discussion with Dr. Don Huber and Topics will include: The seriousness of Gross Wilt in corn; an update on the status of GMO grains; Importance of rapid CropResidueRecycling; and Enhancing corn residue for livestock feed.

Manure Pathogens:

Potassium Paradox _ Biological Seed Coating Study:

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