South Dakota Ag Sales

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South Dakota Ag Sales
Position Description and Compensation

Job Title: Ag Sales Representative (Sales Rep)
Professional Area: Livestock, manure treatment and agronomic sales
ProfitPro Headquarters: Albert Lea, MN
Marketing/Sales Area: South Dakota, North Dakota, Western Minnesota and Northwest Iowa
Report To: Dr. Jim Ladlie, President of ProfitPro, LLC

General Position Description:

  • Market and sell the Full-Circle Animal, Manure and Soil-Plant System™ products and service in South Dakota, North Dakota, Western Minnesota and Northwest Iowa.
  • Client communication/interfacing will be achieved through phone conversations, computer, (internet, e-mail or web-site) on-farm visits, trade & farm shows and Teleconference Calls.
  • Targeted gross yearly sales are $750,000 per year (minimum goal).
  • There is no sales territory exclusion; however, sales leads/opportunities will be given to the sales rep best able to service a client/lead.

Specific Tasks:

  • Position and sell ProfitPro’s products and services as part of the Full-Circle Animal, Manure and Soil-Plant System.
  • Establish goals and an action plan to achieve (sales objectives).
  1. Yearly goals
  2. Monthly goals
  3. Weekly goals
  4. Daily goals
  • Develop and manage a viable distant communication network between customers and ProfitPro (monthly newsletter and teleconference call).
  • Contact customers and prospects through computer communications, by phone or on-farm visits to develop a relationship and a selling opportunity for ProfitPro products and services.
  • Evaluate soil information and provide a tailored crop management plan for individual producers through computer and/or direct interfacing.
  • Assist with educational marketing programs.

Specific Requirements Include:

  • Previous Ag business experience.
  • A degree in agriculture or equivalent experience.
  • Good written and verbal skills.
  • Good computer and phone skills.
  • Ability to educate and work with adults.
  • In-field, animal and/or crop management experience.


Sales commission draw:

  • Sales commission will be paid bi-weekly.
  • A draw of $1,500 per bi-weekly pay period up to an accumulated amount of $9,000.00 maximum at any one time, which will be deducted from earned sales commission.
  • Upon termination of employment, all outstanding draws not covered by sales commission will have to be repaid. ______ (Initial here that you agree with the compensation commission terms.)

Sales commission (paid bi-weekly):

  • o 25 percent commission on Manure Treatment Service contracts.
  • o 25 percent commission on the Full-Circle Crop Management contracts.
  • o Product commissions will vary based on product margins. Sales commission will start from 5 to 25% of final invoice amount. Special promotional commission incentives may be available. A list of product and service sales commissions will be provided.


  • A company vehicle will be furnished along with car license (tabs), car insurance and tire maintenance. Required periodic maintenance to be conducted per maintenance protocol and service reports faxed to ProfitPro at each completion.
  • ProfitPro, LLC will provide a work vehicle and provide fuel, oil and basic maintenance.
  • The Sales Rep will pay or deduct from expense report $0.25 per mile for personnel use. Sales representative is responsible for all non-insurance damages beyond normal wear and insurance deductibles.
  • If the Sales Rep uses his personnel vehicle (truck) to deliver product a fee of $0.35 per mile will be paid.


  • Sales Rep pay for all sales travel expense (food, lodging, etc.) in sales territory.
  • ProfitPro will pay for lodging and food for requested events or function.

Provided by Company:

  • Laptop computer
  • Camera
  • File box of marketing and sales information
  • Business cards
  • Act database (needs high speed internet – no dial up)
  • To clients or prospects: newsletter (manure/livestock clients) & teleconference calls
  • Educational marketing meetings
  • Displays for trade and farm shows
  • Logistics (shipping) support
  • Invoicing of clients


  • Sales Rep must sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement (Employee Agreement) on acceptance of job offer.
  • Gross sales are the invoiced sales after customer discounts/promotions packaging and customer shipping have been deducted.
  • Exclusions from sales commissions are educational resources, diagnostic tools and human products.
  • ProfitPro items will be sold at the regular retail prices established or the discount/promotional prices established unless approval has been given by Jim Ladlie.
  • Low-margin non-ProfitPro items must meet a minimum 15% margin after cost of goods, freight in/out, product discount/promotions, credit card/farm plan cost and commission, to qualify for commission.
  • Sales Rep will not receive a commission from a sale that generates a loss for the company, based on cost of goods, freight in/out, product discount/promotions, credit card/farm plan cost and commission.
  • Customer sales cancellations on sales previously paid a commission to employee: cancelled commission will be subtracted from future month’s earned sales commissions or salary if commissions are not earned prior to year end.
  • A new customer sale made by a non-commissioned person will not generate a commission. Commissions will commence when the new customer is assigned to a commissioned Sales Rep for follow-up and future sales.

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