Sales Manager

ProfitPro, LLC
Position Description

Job Title: Sales Manager
Professional Area: Sales Manager
Location: ProfitPro Headquarters, Albert Lea, MN
Report To: President of ProfitPro
General Position Description: This position involves the sales management of ProfitPro sales staff

Business Objectives:

To establish sales objectives with the sales staff and assist in the development of individual plan-of-action to achieve sales goals. Promote the Full-Circle System™, ManurePlus™ Program and the Crop AdvantagePlus™ Program.

Specific Tasks:

  • Recruit sales persons.
  • Train the sales staff.
  • Assist in the establishment of sales goals and a plan-of-action to achieve goals.
  • Establish a monitoring system to assessed progress on sales goals.
  • Ride with the sales staff on client calls and guide them in self improvement.
  • Identify and call on key accounts with appropriate sales support.
  • Develop a client base to cover the cost of compensation.

Specific Requirements Include:

  • Education or background in crop and livestock industry desired.
  • Ag sale training or experience.
  • Proficient in database/programs used at ProfitPro, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and ACT (database).
  • Excellent telephone and telemarketing skills.
  • Highly organized and detail oriented.
  • Excellent communication skills and professionalism in dealing with inside personnel and outside contacts.
  • Ability to multi-task and work efficiently with multiple projects.
  • Must be able to work well in busy office.

Compensation: The position is salary based with a sales commission incentive. Salary base will be determined by experience.
Non-Compete and Confidentiality: Must sign a non-compete and confidentiality agreement relating to ProfitPro’s clients, technology and intelligent property.

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