Forage Enhancer

Forage Enhancer contains numerous groups of extremely beneficial anaerobic microorganisms that improve the quality of fermentation. They also breakdown and reduce the complex carbohydrate structures in plants such as lignin, cellulose and hemi cellulose which are less digestible to the animals. These highly beneficial microbes control pathogenic populations in addition to producing essential nutrients, minerals, growth regulators, vitamins and enzymes which greatly aid the animal in it dietary needs.
When applied to feed these microorganisms will preserve and enhance the quality. Forage Enhancer prevents molds, improve taste, palatability and nutrient value of feed. Silage and Forage Enhancer will also allow you to put up forages at higher moisture contents and not have those crops materials spoil or go moldy.

  “We first heard about Forage enhancer at the 2013 summer conference. We had some third cutting hay to put up and decided to try the enhancer. We baled with two balers and had moisture tests between 15 and up to 40% moisture in the bales. Our testers did not go higher than that. We made 510 bales around 1800 – 2000 pounds. The moisture caused the bales to be heavy obviously. After baling we checked for about ten days on the temperature. The highest temp we recorded was 139 degrees on all the bales. Fermenting was taking place.

We fed the first bales just before Thanksgiving. We hauled out these bales to 300 cows two of which were treated with Forage Enhancer and four without. About 260 cows lined up side by side the length of the two treated bales and about 40 others ran from one bale to the other of the untreated bales. It was obvious which bales were preferred. We think forage enhancer will change the way haying is done. How many times have you waited for hay to be just right only to get another shower on it or because it got too dry. Forage Enhancer in our opinion opens up the window for haying to the max. Not only good for the operator but also for the cows.  The cost: About $1.50/bale!

Maybe there is a window to finish and go fishing! 

NE South Dakota Grower
Let me know if you need more. It is quite the product.

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