Doug Rohlik, Professional Manure Applicator

“I don’t have a business card, I don’t advertise, yet my business just keeps growing…by word of mouth,”.

As a professional manure applicator, you can take a leadership role to resolve your clients’ manure management issues and enhance its agronomic value.

ProfitPro, LLC, through it’s Manure Management Service, can partner with you to manage your client’s manure. The Manure Management Service offers you a competitive edge, a less stressful operational environment and increased customer satisfaction, which allows for profitable business expansion. The resulting benefits, to you, are reduced operational cost, increased profits and less down time.

The benefits of the Manure Management Service include:

  • Improved ease of handling and liquid manure application
  • Reduced cost of manure extraction from the pit and handling solids
  • Improved safety issues regarding lethal gas during the pumping process
  • Reduced or elimination of odor complaints during
  • Transport and application
  • Reduced concern for surface and ground water
  • Contamination liability
  • Improved application uniformity from start to finish when pumping a pit or lagoon

The value points of the Manure Management Service for your clients:

  • Better animal performance
  • Reduced vet cost
  • Facility longevity
  • Improved workers’ environment
  • Equipment longevity
  • Reduced utilities
  • Less legal issues
  • Reduced regulatory burden
  • Improved neighbor relations
  • Addresses manure issues
  • Enhanced manure value
  • Regains pit/lagoon capacity
  • Manure Management Service for the
  • Professional Manure Applicator
  • Improved manure utilization
  • Improved soil health
  • Improved plant health
  • Enhanced crop value
  • Lowers crop inputs
  • Better crop residue decomposition
  • Less environmental concerns
  • Carbon credit options
  • Green environment approach
  • Probiotic approach
  • Enhanced feed value and quality
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