Very informative telephone conversation on Chitosan.

Here is a new video from Millerdale SD. It shows the lagoons and other facilities and explains how our manure master program transformed the lagoons from foul smelling putrid pits into a valuable source of Natural Plant Food (NPF).

That NPF, when used in conjunction with our other microbial products grows healthier and more abundant crops that then feed livestock. The livestock are healthier and their manure is subsequently less toxic. It’s a full circle system.

Manure Master™

Microscope video of microbes in Microbial Manure Master™

Video taken June 17, 2014.

The videos were taken from a hog finisher lagoon outside of Lake Mills, Iowa. The lagoon has been on our program for 3 years. Last fall, it still had a large mound of solids in one quarter of the lagoon, the quarter opposite where they pump out of and agitate. The grower has been noticing the lagoon churning and bubbling solids up all summer. The surface is nearly completely clear, there are areas were solids have floated up to the surface to be broken down.


The objective of the Manure Master Program is to reduce the negative attributes and enhance manure value. The Manure Master Program offers the following improvements and advantages: manure utilization; nutrient retention and balance; application ease and uniformity; facility longevity; agronomic efficiency; and economic improvement. In-field research shows a 5 to 15 percent yield improvement the first year with the Manure Master Program.

  • Reduce the negative attributes
  • Enhance manure value


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