The Full Circle System™

Our full circle system™ recognizes that what you put on the fields will ultimately affect the feed that your animals eat. This will in turn affect the content of the manure that will eventually go back onto the fields. By augmenting any part of the circle, you undoubtedly affect the other parts. We take your whole operation into account to come up with a program that will maximize your yields using the natural biology that should be present in a healthy soil and keep that biology alive and healthy. The full system incorporates the crop advantage plus™ program and the Manure Master™ program. By incorporating both programs you can get a better control what gets put on the fields. We will also work with you on feed, additives and anti-biotic control so one aspect of the operation doesn’t negatively affect the other parts. In order to grow healthy plants that will resist disease, withstand stress, and efficiently use nutrients, we must have a healthy soil that has a diverse population of life. This soil life will include microbes such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and beneficial nematodes. An abundance of beneficial microbes in a healthy soil will suppress plant diseases by filling the available sites with beneficial organisms and reducing the locations where disease organisms can be established. Beneficial organisms will balance the nutrients in the soil and help recycle nutrients so they are available to plants over longer periods of time. When nutrients are available in larger amounts, some organisms will be storing nutrients while other organisms will be converting them to forms that are available to plants. A healthy soil will be able to degrade plant residues, degrade toxic materials and build a good soil structure that will allow oxygen to penetrate deeper into the soil. This healthy soil will develop larger root systems and have the ability to hold larger quantities of water and nutrients.
A healthy soil will need to have a diverse supply of nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, hormones, natural mineral ores, fulvic and humic acids to maintain a balance of active soil microbes and plant life. If the soil is just thought of as a media to hold the plant roots and only nutrients required for plants are applied, the soil will not be balanced with healthy life. Plants grown in these conditions will have more pests and diseases.
By stimulating soil microbial activity you must not only supply nutrients for your crops, but also build and maintain a healthy soil, supply nutrients and minerals for microbes and create a healthy balance. The Full-Circle System™ and the CropAdvantagePlus™ Program will allow you to enhance the soil life and grow more productive crops with better utilization of nutrients and minerals.
The end result is lower cost of production, improved quality and more nutrient dense food for humans and animals.

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