Crop AdvantagePlus™ Program

The Crop AdvantagePlus™ Program is a tailored plan based on a by-crop/by-field basis that encompasses the ways and means to achieve your predetermined yield and quality goals. The program focuses on balancing soil minerals and biology to meet or exceed your crop’s growth habits and seasonal dietary needs.

The Crop AdvantagePlus™ Program includes the Soil Mineral Balancer, Crop Nutrient Calculator and the Crop Program Planner.

Bio-Release is a fertilizer additive that reduces fixation of plant nutrients after soil application and unlocks unavailable plant nutrients in the soil, which allows for maximum crop uptake.

When added to liquid fertilizer, it limits the chemical bonding of negatively charged nutrients, such as phosphate, with the positively charged elements (Ca2+, Fe3+, Zn2+, Al3+, Mg2+, etc.) that are present in soil, water or fertilizer.

Bio-Release works to free up both negatively (anions P, S, B, Cl, Mo) and positively charged (cations, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Co, Cu, Zn, Na, Ni, Si, etc) nutrients. In addition, it holds the nutrients in an available state for uptake by the plant and reduces leaching or volatilization of the elements.

Bio-Release works biologically to unlock unavailable plant nutrients in the soil and to naturally balance the nutrient make-up of the soil.

Bio-Release a major food/nutrient source for stimulating and growing crucial soil biology (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes) that help protect roots against disease causing pathogens, assists the plant in water and nutrient conversion and uptake, restructure compacted soils to allow water and air to penetrate deeper into the soils which also allows for greater root expansion with access to more available mineral and water sources.

BioMineral 75 
Bio-Mineral 75 has 75 colloidal, soluble mineral extracted into solution from an aerobic biological brewing process that is ideal for plant nutrition. When applied to the crop rootzone or foliage these minerals supply the required structural and functional minerals necessary to achieve healthy and improved crop growth and production. The mineral elements supplied by Bio-Mineral 75 are often missing from the soil reducing the crops health, yield potential and quality. Achieving high grain, forage and plant quality trait isdependent on acquiring these necessary minerals. The natural biology in the donor ore’s also provide crop health benefits such as insect resistance, more efficient water usage, drought resistance and frost resistance is also improved. The added microorganisms can protect leaf and root surfaces from pathogens as well.


Molybdenum is very essential for nitrogen conversion to amino acid and especially essential for nitrogen fixing bacteria. Molybdenum deficiency is associated with low pH soils and sandy soils. Soil/tissue test is always recommended.

An advanced generation of plant nutrients complexed with organic and amino base to enhance nutrients availability and uptake by the plants.

Bio-Mineral 75™ Residue Digester 
Bio-Mineral 75 Residue Digester is an aerobically brewed solution containing the required biology’s of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa along with multiple food sources and 75 plus soluble minerals to support the microbial groups in the proper processes of crop residue digestion. When applied to crop residue it provides biological residue digestion and the necessary minerals to stimulate and sustain their decomposition activity. The natural biology in the blend (such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa) rapidly breaks down crop residue and enhances the cycle of soil nutrients and humus.

Proper residue decomposition reduces soil pathogens by eliminating the crop residue materials where the pathogens over-winter. This process also returns valuable minerals and compounds held in the residue back into the soil where the organic matter, humus and minerals can add many beneficial properties to the soils structure, the biology health and future crops nutrient demands.

Micro Boost 

An advanced generation of plant micro-nutrients complexed with organic and amino acids to enhance nutrients availability and uptake by the plants. Super water-soluble plant nutrients for efficient crop use without chloride salts that can be toxic to plants. Provides many essential nutrients in a balanced and readily available form.

MICRO BOOST is formulated for crops that require immediate source of micro-nutrients at early or late stage of growth. It is recommended as a seed/plant starter and root growth enhancer. The high level of zinc in MICRO BOOST may enhance the synthesis of enzymes and plant growth substances. Contains natural organic and amino acids.

Silage and Forage Enhancer

Silage and Forage Enhancer contains numerous groups of extremely beneficial anaerobic microorganisms that improve the quality of fermentation. They also breakdown and reduce the complex carbohydrate structures in plants such as lignin, cellulose and hemi-cellulose which are less digestible to the animals. These highly beneficial microbes control pathogenic populations in addition to producing essential nutrients, minerals, growth regulators, vitamins and enzymes which greatly aid the animal in it dietary needs.

When applied to feed these microorganisms will preserve and enhance the quality. Silage and Forage Enhancer prevents molds, improve taste, palatability and nutrient value of feed. Silage and Forage Enhancer will also allow you to put up forages at higher moisture contents and not have those crops materials spoil or go moldy.

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