MicroNutrient Mix™

MicroNutrient Mix™ is a foliar or soil (either in-furrow or broadcast) applied blend of micronutrients and is non-phytotoxic when used as directed. Intended application methods include standard ground or aerial application as well as irrigation systems. Formulated to maximize root uptake and foliar intake, and will mix with most pesticides and fertilizers. A jar test is always recommended to ensure compatibility. Can complement a complete customized fertility management system.
Recommended for row crops, small grains, forages, vegetables and fruit and ornamental trees. A must with Roundup because glyphosate ties up micronutrients and offsets tie-up of manganese and other micronutrients by glyphosate.

Apply Herbolyte™12.8 oz/acre
Use NPF (Natural Plant Food) as a carrier rather than water


Molybdenum is very essential for nitrogen conversion to amino acid and especially essential for nitrogen fixing bacteria. Molybdenum deficiency is associated with low pH soils and sandy soils. Soil/tissue test is always recommended.
An advanced generation of plant nutrients complexed with organic and amino base to enhance nutrients availability and uptake by the plants.

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