Iron Combat™

Iron Combat™ –for use on soils with a history of iron deficiency such as Iron Chlorosis in soybeans. Iron Combat™ is liquid product recommended to reduce or eliminate iron deficiencies in plants. Iron Combat™ is a fully chelated product with 3.5% ORGANIC iron (Fe), 1% Mn and Zn and 0.2% Cu and B, which makes it immediately available to the plant in a usable form. In comparison, a synthetic form is only partially available to the plant. Higher product labels, with a 6, 8 or higher Fe percentage, indicate a synthetic product and do not necessarily mean better. A superior product gets the right amount of nutrients in a bio-available form for correct plant function.
Soil Application: Iron Combat™ can be applied in-furrow at planting 1 quart per acre.
Foliar Application: Apply up to 1 quart per acre Iron Combat™ as a foliar in one application or split into two applications of 1 pint per acre each. Apply at the following crop growth stages:
Corn: Apply at V3 – V6.
Soybeans: Apply at V3 – V6.
Hay: Apply at green-up or 10 to 14 days after first cutting.
Cereals: Apply at flag leaf sheath opening or before early boot stage.
Vegetables: Apply early in the growth stage.
Application Options:

Use 1 pint of Iron Combat™ with 1 pint of Foliar MicroBoost™ for a total of 1 quart of total material per acre.
Tank Mixing:Iron Combat™ can be tank mixed with herbicide, fungicide or insecticide. Read and follow product label and tank mixing instructions.
Iron Combat™ applied with Glyphosate:Iron Combat™ contains natural buffers to maintain nutrient availability and prevent nutrient interaction with glyphosate.

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