Excalibre™ PB for Soybeans

excalibre1Excalibre™ Encapsulated Inoculant
Grow your profits with most technologically advanced high-yield soybean inoculant.
Excalibre™ is an innovative dealer-applied soybean seed treatment that contains a proprietary blend of three strains of yield-enhancing Rhizobia bacteria. Developed and proven to be effective by the best scientist in soybean inoculant genetics.

  • Triple Stack Inoculant Package
  • Enhanced N-fixation
  • Proven Yield Benefits
  • Fast and Convenient Application

Excalibre™ offers a safe, easy-to-use way to significantly increase crop yields. It is unique from all other inoculants because it offers a extra-long planting windows and compatibility with approved seed treatments, all while maintaining or exceeding the yield benefits of America’s Best Inoculant products. This new patent-pending technology is a first in agriculture.

Excalibre™ SA for Soybeans


Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans delivers the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ Technology PLUS the nitrogen fixation benefits of industry leading Excalibre™ soybean inoculant in a dealer applied package. Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans’ triple stack Rhizobia package assures optimum N-fixation under a variety of soil conditions, including hot dry soils, cool and wet conditions, and offers more aggressive nodulation in carryover nitrate situations.




Graph-Ex™ inoculant, Seed Lubricant

Graph-Ex™ (Soybean Inoculant plus Seed Lubricant) is an innovative, prepackaged combination of two components: a talc-graphite carrier to add lubrication for your planter, plus award-winning Excalibre™ soybean inoculant for better nitrogen fixation A low use rate gives the producer better planting seed PLUS better yielding beans, all in the same fast and convenient bulk or planter box application. Maximum yield advantage. Innovative planter protection. Get both on your side with Graph-Ex™.
Triple-stack rhizobia bacteria package for effective nitrogen fixation in varying field conditions. Talc-graphite carrier for increased seed flowability, high adhesion and low-use rate. Award-winning Excalibre™ soybean inoculant for typical yield response of up to 3 bushels or better, with significantly more in new soybean fields. Less wear and tear on expensive equipment.

Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans Inoculant Seed Lubricant


Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans contains a specially formulated blend of encapsulated rhizobia bacteria soybean inoculant plus SabrEx™ root inoculant formulated in a talc-graphite carrier.

  • Increase plant stand
  • Improve seedling vigor
  • Accelerate canopy closure
  • Improve nutrient and water efficiency
  • Maximum Yield Advantage

Graph-Ex SA™ delivers the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ Technology plus the nitrogen benefits of our unique proprietary blend of three strains of yield enhancing Bradyrhizobia bacteria.

iGET™ Technology

The proprietary and patent pending biologicals first colonize the crop root system. Their association with the plant induces gene expression and changes in the plant physiology to enhance multiple biochemical pathways. Crop stresses such as disease and dry weather can be alleviated, and often systemically – so that root colonization by the seed treatment can affect the physiology of the whole plant, even foliar/leaf biology.

Better Seed Flowability

Graph-Ex SA™ uses an innovative talc-graphite carrier for increased seed flowability with high adhesion and low use rates. Seed pre-treated with fungicide/insecticide packages often has rough seed surfaces that can interfere with seed flowability.

Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans Inoculant Seed Lubricant


Balance NB™ is a source of nitrifying bacteria for application to soil. The
special culture of Cyanobacterium in Balance NB fixes atmospheric nitrogen
into a soil form that can be utilized by plants.
INGREDIENT: Special culture of Cyanobacterium.
APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: Balance NB™ application rate is 1.5 grams per acre and can be applied broadcast,side-dress and in-furrow. Balance NB™ can also be coated directly on the seed.

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