Bio-Mineral 75  Residue Digester

Bio-Mineral 75 Residue Digester is is a widely diverse set of aerobic microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes that is produced from an aerobic compost tea solution that uses pretreated compost (from various parts of the world) to insure the widest diversity of populations within species and also the widest range of different species from group to group. It is aerobically brewed for 24 hours with a product called Bio Release (Conventional) or Solu-plks (organic) that provides the stimulation for microbial re-population and it also releases some 75+ minerals from the organic blended ores we use in the brewing process to provide a full and diverse abundance of minerals for the biology to reproduce with and obtain energy from. The biology is generally steered towards much higher fungal biomass than bacterial due to the high C:N ratio of the crop residues being targeted for decomposition. The Compost/Mineral Tea can be applied as low as 15 gal. per acre up so as much as 30 gallons per acre. Some farmers have used it in much higher amounts with amazing results. Depending on the residue type you can apply up to 1/2 gallon of Bio Release (Conventional) or Solu-plks (organic) with it to encourage additional microbial growth throughout the fall, winter and spring months. Once it is applied on the fall stock residue there should be a 50% reduction in residue materials in the field within 30 days (after it is tilled or disked down onto or into the top layers of the soil profile). By spring all the residue should be decomposed and nothing remaining.

These are live, living, oxygen consuming microbes we are growing and reproducing so they have to be made on site or very close to the location of application. Once the aeration stops you have about 6-10 hours to get applied to residue. For best results get the residue turned into the soil within a few days after the biology and foods are applied to it.

Natural blend of organic mineral ores, mineral ore solubilizer and a compost biological starter complex.
Bio-Mineral 75 Residue Digester is formulated by brewing a combination of mineral ore blends, compost biological starter complex and mineral ore solublizer in non-chlorinated water for twenty four (24) hours. The product is made available as a crop residue digester liquid blend or as a brew kit designated by the amount of product to be brewed.

application instructions

 A little bit about chelating.

In earth science, chemical weathering is attributed to organic chelating agents (e.g., peptides and sugars) that extract metal ions from minerals and rocks.  Most metal complexes in the environment and in nature are bound in some form of chelate ring (e.g., with a humic acid or a protein). Thus, metal chelates are relevant to the mobilization of metals in the soil, the uptake and the accumulation of metals into plants and microorganisms. Selective chelation of heavy metals is relevant to bioremediation. More from Wikipedia

Instructions For Residue Management Application

Apply at the rate of 15 to 20 gallons per acre with ½ gallon of Bio Release (or Solu-plks if organic) per acre after harvesting the crop. Crop residue must be sprayed and incorporated into the soil profile as soon as possible after application (within 24 hours) where the biology can function as decomposers to reduce the plant residue to simpler compounds and elements through the fall and winter and spring months. Residue left standing or remaining up in the air will not decompose; only that which is under the soil or has soil contact. Many of these microbial species are UV sensitive so leaving them exposed to sunlight over an extended period of time will kill them.

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