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Conventional Crop
Healthy soil contains nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, hormones, ground rock powders, fulvic and humic acids. Plants grown in these conditions will have less pests and diseases. A basic farming program with healthy microbial activity stimulates nutrient uptake for your crops, as well as builds and maintains a healthy soil. This creates a healthy, balanced and fertile environment. The Full-Circle System™ enhances the soil life and grows more productive crops with better utilization of nutrients and minerals. The end result is lower cost, improved quality and more nutrient-dense food!

Seed Coating
ProfitCoat + NB
ProfitCoat + Excalibre

On-Farm Seed Treatment – Organic
SabrEx PB for Corn
SabrEx PB for Wheat
Excalibre Soybean
Excalibre-SA Soybean
Graph-Ex Soybean
Graph-Ex SA Soybean
Balance NB

Humate Products
70% Humic Acid – Screened
70% Humic Acid – Green Grade
12% Liquid Humic Acid
Humusolver 7TE-100

Energy & Nutrient Source

Glyphosate Herbicide Additives
Herbolyte Plus
MicroNutrient Mix

Catawater AG

Beneficial Microbes
Soil-Biology Boost
Foliar Biology Boost

Plant Nutrient Stabilizer
Plant Nutrient
Starter Plus 6-12-6
Foliar Plus 5-10-5

Plant Nutrient Sources – Organic
Soluble Seaweed Powder
NPF (Natural Plant Food)
Liquid Organic Fish Fertilizer
Dry Organic Fish Fertilizer
Organic Coral Calcium
Liquid ProKelp

MicroNutirent Mix
Molybdenum 3%
Bio-Mineral 75G
Bio-Mineral 75P
Foliar MicroBoost
Iron Combat

Commercial Fertilizer
8-0-011Ca (Calcium Nitrate)
Soft Rock Phosphate
Potassium Sulfate
Pelletized Lime (CaCO3)
Pelletized Gypsum (CaSO4)

Crop Residue Management
Bio-Mineral 75G Residue Digester
Bio-Mineral 75P Residue Digester
Organic Solu-PLKs
Silage & Forage Enhancer

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