Outreach Marketing/ Sales

ProfitPro, LLC
Position Description

Job Title: Outreach Marketing/Sales Person
Professional Area:
Report To: President of ProfitPro

Business Objectives:

To market/sell ProfitPro’s products and services by way of today’s customer’s outreach/communication technology.

Business Strategy:

  • To use customer communications technology such as telemarketing, e-mailing, social media and mail to build awareness, preserve value and demand of ProfitPro’s products and services.
  • To use existing internal databases, acquired databases, events (tradeshow, farm shows, monthly newsletter, monthly telemarketing, etc.) and on-going market place awareness opportunities (trade newsletters, magazines, internet, etc.).
  • To work independently but as a support to the sales team.
  • ACT will be used to document and track customer activities.
  • Develop a detailed script/outline of product and services to be marketed.
  • The Outreach Marketing/Sales Person will close the sales, logistically move the product/service to the customer or engage the appropriate sales person to complete sales.

Compensation: The position is set up as a commission driven compensation.
Non-Compete and Confidentiality: Must sign a non-compete and confidentiality agreement relating to ProfitPro’s clients, technology and intelligent property.

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