Soluable Seaweed Powder

Soluable Seaweed Powder is a natural plant growth regulator made by alkaline hydrolysis of Norwegian seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum . Plant growth regulators are materials which control the growth and developments of plants. These substances are present in small quantities, generally in range of parts per million (ppm) or even in parts per billion (ppb).The main growth regulators which promote plant growth are the auxins, hormones, indoles and cytokinins.
Cytokinins are cell division factors which were first discovered in rapidly dividing cells during the 1950′s. The indole compounds are naturally occurring plant growth promoters for root development and bud initiation. The greater proportion of scientific research products and crop response has been with Ascophyllum nodosum. This is largely because the supply of the product is stable and the processing of the seaweed biomass is subject to rigid quality control.


NPF™ is a natural plant nurtient and microbial rich solution that is derived from microbial composted liquid manure. NPF™ is higher in organic plant nutrients versus commerical fertilizer or raw manure which are inorganic. Organic plant nutrients are four to five times more effecient than inorganic for plant uptake and utilization. To be in the organic form, a carbon molecule complexed with nutrient is required.

  • Stimulates the root and leaf microflora.
  • Reduces the likelihood of disease.
  • Maximizes nutrient and moisture uptake.
  • Stimulates plant hormones that increase cell and stem elongation and cell division.
  • Improves photosynthesis and increase root nutrient exudation.
  • Helps build healthy soil.

Liquid Organic Fish Fertilizer

Liquid Organic Fish Fertilizer is an all natural product that gives nutrients to the soil and helps build trace minerals.

Dry Organic Fish Fertilizer

Dry Organic Fish Fertilizer is made from cod fish amino acids protein 15-1-1.

Organic Coral Calcium

Foliar Biology Boost Organic

Foliar Biology Boost Organic is a biological inoculant that will colonize the above ground foliage. Foliar Biology Boost Organic helps create a healthy environment and ecosystem.
Foliar Biology Boost Organic contains multiple bacteria species to improve nutrients solubility and availability.
Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum, (286 propagules per gram each). Azotobacter chroococcum (27,000 cfu/gm). Contains non-plant food ingredients: Natural mineral ore as a carrier.
Foliar Biology Boost Organic is recommended for use for all plants. Foliar Biology Boost Organic Boost is intended to supplement and enhance a full fertilization program as recommended in accordance with reliable Soil and Tissue Analysis. Foliar Biology Boost Organic can be applied once or multiple times over the growing season

Foliar Application: Apply 1.6 oz per acre in a minimum of 10 to 25 gallon solution per acre. The higher the application volume the better the foliage coverage and biological response. It is recommended to apply at least 1 pint or more of Bio-Release or Organic Solu-PLKS per acre to activate the microbes in Foliar Biology Boost Organic.
Corn: Apply 1.6 ounces per acre at V3 – V6 stage. Repeat at V9 if necessary.
Soybeans: Apply 1.6 ounces per acre at V3 – V6. Repeat at R3 – R6.
Grain Crops: Apply 1.6 ounces per acre before flag leaf sheath opening or before early boot stage.
Alfalfa & Hay: Apply 1.6 ounces per acre. Apply as foliar at Spring green-up or 10 to 14 days after first cutting and repeat after each cutting. TANK MIXING: Fill the tank half, add Foliar Biology Boost Organic and agitate to dissolve. Add dry formulations and dissolve, follow by liquids. Bring the tank to volume with water.

Keep out of reach of children.

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