ProfitCoat+ NB™

ProfitCoat+ NB™ (nitrogen Bacteria) is a seedling & season long plant health enhancement system with nitrifying Bacteria. For soybean custom coating, we encourage growers to add Excalibre OSI™ (Organic Soybean Inoculate).

  • Improves seedling health
  • Improves emergence vigor
  • Improves plant-ability
  • Requires less labor at planting



Balance NB™

balance_nbBalance NB™ is a source of nitrifying bacteria for application to soil. Thespecial culture of Cyanobacterium in Balance NB fixes atmospheric nitrogeninto a soil form that can be utilized by plants. INGREDIENT: Special culture of Cyanobacterium. APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: Balance NB™ application rate is 1.5 grams per acre and can be applied broadcast,side-dress and in-furrow. Balance NB™ can also be coated directly on the seed.


Organic Soybean Inoculant

Organic Soybean Inoculant (OSI) is a unique organic soybean inoculant seed treatment that contains a proprietary blend of three strains of yield-enhancing Bradyrhizobia bacteria and a special blend of talc and graphite seed lubricant. Designed for on-farm application (planter box and bulk delivery).
Natural graphite, silica (crystalline quartz), powdered clay and rhizobia bacteria.
One half ounce (0.5 oz) per 50 pound unit of soybeans.
Bulk application: Apply one half ounce (0.5 oz) Organic Soybean Inoculant per 50 lbs of seed by manually or mechanically introducing it into a flowing stream of seed. Ensure that the Organic Soybean Inoculant is evenly dispersed in the planter or drill box.
Planter Box application: Apply one half ounce (0.5 oz) Organic Soybean Inoculant per 50 lbs of seed.
Manual or Mechanical: Apply and mix in the inoculant so the seed is completely covered. Manual is the best to mix in 50 lb increments. For optimal performance, plant seed within 72 hours of application.
CAUTION: Avoid exposure to dust. Wear a dust mask to prevent inhalation. Wear gloves and appropriate clothing (long pants and long sleeved shirt) to avoid contact with skin.
Store package in a cool place, and keep closed until use. Use inoculant before expiration date and only use on specified legume seed. Protect inoculant and inoculated seed from direct sun, hot winds and high temperatures.

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