Manure Management Consultant

ProfitPro, LLC
Manure Management Consultant

Position: Manure Management Consultant (manure treatment sales)
Location: ProfitPro Headquarters, Albert Lea, MN
Geographic Area: Midwest states


Sales of manure, livestock and agricultural products

General Position Description:

This position involves the marketing, sales and servicing of ProfitPro’s manure treatment program in an assigned geographic area. The service and product areas to be marketed includes manure enhancement technology, water revitalization, probiotic feed additives and select agronomic products. This is all part of the Full-Circle Animal, Manure and Soil-Plant System™.

Specific Tasks:

  • Establish a client base within a given assigned geographic area.
  • Follow the business model of engage, educate, build rapport, give results, appreciate and follow-up.
  • Sign-up clients on an annual time-line based on the annual volume of manure.
  • Service the accounts on monthly basis to insure results.
  • Initiate the manure enhancement service and build interest in the probiotic feed additive and agronomic area as part of the Full-Circle System™.
  • Assist with educational marketing programs.

Specific Requirements Include:

  • Education or background in livestock industry desired. Ag business sales experience helpful.
  • Good written and verbal skills.
  • Good computer and phone skills.
  • Ability to educate and work with adults.


The position is salary based with a sales commission incentive. Salary base will be determined by experience.


  • Vehicle for business travel
  • Holidays
  • Vacation

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