2015 Winter Conference

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These are the unedited videos of the conference. There are some occasional dead air spots for breaks and presenter changeover.

Thursday Morning session –

  • Crop and Market Alternatives for Future Profitability-Dr. Jim Ladlie
  • Alternative Cash Crops and Market Opportunities-Bruce Roskens
  • The How-to and Value of Building Biodiversity in a Traditional Corn and Soybean Rotation-Andrew Heath,T.J. Kartes

Thursday Afternoon session –

  • Establish a Crop and Livestock Partnership – T.J. Kartes David Widman
  • Ferment Forages and Roughage to Enhance Value for Alternative Markets – Ken Hamilton
  • Weather and Market Trends for 2015 – Larry Acker
  • Weather and Marketing Trends for 2015 (continued) -Larry Acker

Friday Morning session –

  • Deliver Value—Conventional Versus Traited Seeds – Mac Ehrhardt
  • Big Yields Start with Healthy Seedlings –  Dennis Klockenga
  • How to Improve Yields and the Quality (nutrient density) of Grain and Forage Crops –  Ken Hamilton
  • Manage Manure and Enhance its Value – David Widman
  • Choose the Right Cover Crop Mix for Your Operation – T.J. Kartes, Andrew Heath

Friday Afternoon session –

  • Cash Flow Projections for Moving into Alternative Crop and Forage Production – David Widman, T.J. Kartes
  • Crop Management and Input Strategies for 2015 –  Dennis Klockenga, Dr. Jim Ladlie
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