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  • If you’ve read any Ag weather related articles over the last six months, they probably talked about the concern of a 2021 drought. The drought is already here, since many areas of the Corn Belt are quite short on soil moisture.  What if we could weatherproof our crops and protect
  • If you’ve ever driven north of Vail in western Iowa, it seems like there’s a surprise just over every hill. In alandscape untouched by the last glacier that scrapedacross parts of Iowa thousands of years ago, those hills almosthide Richard Rosener’s farm from a distance.As you get closer to the
  • ProfitProAG’s seed coatings contain a blend of microbes, including multiple strains of mycorrhizal fungi, trichoderma, pseudomonas, Azotobacter, Bacillus, Penicilium and streptomyces. In addition, a blend of minerals and nutrients feed the microbes and a biostimulant activates them. The seed coatings are available in liquid and dry and can be applied