Here at ProfitPro we’ve been working for years at increasing the health of animals by balancing the minerals and good bacteria in their gut. It occurred to us that the same healthy benefits could be useful for humans. We’ve researched these products and find them to have outstanding qualities for human wellness.

The health and life in your cells depend on:

  • Nutrients being able to get in your cells
  • Toxins being able to get out of your cells.


The more “YES” answers, the more your 100 trillion cells are calling you to return to nature’s plan for health.

  • Is your energy level declining?
  • Do you mostly eat processed or cooked food?
  • Are you over 30?
  • Do you have stress in your life?
  • Are you a farmer?




To learn more about these products, contact Fran Ladlie at 1-888-875-2425, or or: HealthWise PhD, 408 S. 1st Ave., Albert Lea, MN 56007

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