Leveraging your crop investments with foliar applications.

Be a stay green grower to maximize your yield, quality, and profitability.

As your crops are growing and entering their reproductive stages, they’re checking their fuel tank for available energy and balanced nutrition to maximize their genetic potential.

Points of interest: It’s all about your profitability & ROI

  • It takes 100 lbs of glucose to produce 1 bushel of corn & 300 lbs of glucose per bushel of soybeans
  • Corn has the genetic potential to yield up to 800 bu/A & soybeans up to 300 bu/A
  • The average soybean plant has 17 nodes where flowers and pods form. Let’s say you have 120,000 plants per acre. By adding 1 more pod at each of the 17 nodes with 3 beans/pod, your potential yield increases to 35 bu/A. To put that into perspective, 35 bu x $13.00/bu soybeans = $455.00/A x 100 acres = $45,500.00
    • I feel the old adage applies here; “What part of making money don’t we understand”?
  • If you have two side-by-side cornfields with 32,000 ears/A, 18 rows of kernels but one field has 35 kernels per row and the other 50 kernels per row. What would the yield difference be by adding 15 kernels per row? You would gain approximately 96 bu/A! To put that into perspective, 96 bu/A x $5.00/bu corn $480.00/A x 100 acres = $48,000.00/A additional revenue

Farming the Controllables

Farming is all about managing resources, including money. You can be a low-cost producer and maximize profits by controlling the controllables. Profitability in crop production is about optimizing the genetic potential of the seed you plant. This is achieved by optimizing crop stands, minimizing plant stress and maximizing plant energy production. ProfitProAG has a proven recipe for increasing corn, soybean & cereal grain yields.

The leading cause of reduced profitability in corn, soybean & cereal grain production is premature crop death. Premature crop death is caused by plant diseases due to a lack of energy, which causes the plant to prematurely shut down. This reduces the number of seeds, weight and nutrient density.

ProfitProAG’s crop production system, the “Recipe for Success,” is designed to maximize the resources that lead to the greatest full-season plant potential & profitability.

Ask about ProfitProAG’s Farming the Controllables and your
“Recipe for Success” to achieve ‘stay green’ corn!

Below is ProfitProAG’s “Recipe for Success” for in-season plant stress mitigation to maximize genetic yield potential. You can choose to apply one, two or three foliars at each of the critical stages of yield development.

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