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Farm Report for June 2020

Farm Report for June 2020

This months topics include:


Part One :A Natural Microbiological & Nutritional Approach to Enhanced Profitability”

by Dr. Jim Ladlie, ProfitProAG President

Here is the link for the PDF report: Report/Jun 2020 Farm Reportt.pdf

Dr. Jim Ladlie, ProfitProAG President, will be presenting a series on “The Full-Circle Regenerative & Sustainable Crop & Livestock Production System” This series will be a discussion on “A Natural Microbiological & Nutritional Approach to Enhanced Profitability”

Over the next several months, there will be discussion on how we can farm using natural technologies to improve soil health and control pests. Experienced growers and experts in a given technology will be asked to join in on the discussion.

Attached is information that will be covered with our first in a series of webinars.  If you miss the webinar, the content will be available for viewing on our website 

If you want the get off the industrial ag treadmill and adapt a more natural, sustainable and profitable way of farming then participate in our webinar.

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