Cover Crop & Agronomic Sales Rep

Job Title: Cover Crop & Ag Sales Representative (Sales Rep)
Location: ProfitPro Headquarters, Albert Lea, MN
Report To: Dr. Jim Ladlie, President
Geographic Area: Midwest states
Travel: 5 to 10 percent Midwest states
General Position Description: • Sales of cover crop seed and agricultural products
Specific Tasks:  Be the lead Sales Rep for growers/producers on cover crop planning and sales.
 Position and sell ProfitPro’s products and services as part of the Full-Circle Animal, Manure and Soil-Plant System.
 Work with both conventional and organic growers/producers.
 Handle incoming sales calls and questions.
 Contact customers and prospects through computer communications, by phone and in-person to develop a relationship and a selling opportunity for company products and services.
 Evaluate information and provide a tailored cover crop and agronomic plan for individual growers/producers through computer and/or direct interfacing.
Specific Requirements Include:  Cover crop and seed experience.
 Previous Ag business experience.
 A degree in agriculture or equivalent experience.
 Good written and verbal skills.
 Good computer, software (Microsoft Office Programs) and phone skills.
 Ability to educate and work with adults.
 In-field crop management experience.
Compensation: The position is salary based with a sales commission incentive. Salary base will be determined by experience.
Benefits:  Vehicle for business travel
 Holidays
 Vacation

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