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A conventional farm doesn’t mean an unhealthy farm. A lot of conventional farmers I know have some of the healthiest animals. Sometimes the only reason they are not certified organic are because of relatively minor things. As an example, I was told a story of a dairy operation that uses peppermint extract to help some digestive ailments of the cows. Because the extract contains a food grade dye, it is not certified organic. This, along with some other regulations have made this farmer decide to remain conventional. For them, it gives them the freedom to do what they have known to be effective without additional restrictions. Even so, conventional farmers have found that the benefits of our Catawater-ag program has helped them in the processing of manure and has made their fields more friable and productive, There has been a decrease in the amount of standing water, but the soil as a whole holds moisture in drought conditions. There is an increases uniformity in the firelds and those problem high salt areas are diminished or eliminated.
Our goal here at ProfitPro is to provide a balance to the whole operation while returning fields to a more natural organic state. I think everyone is starting to see the that way things have been done is not sustainable in the long term.

It’s “not what you dont know, It’s what you know that ain’t so”

By increasing the health of the soil that grows the food for the animals, we automatically increase the health of the animals, we also achieve higher yields from both fields and animals. Further treatment of manure accelerates the biological breakdown processes and keeps lagoons and tanks free of solids, odor, and foam. It also predigests the manure before spreading on the field. The addition of catawater-ag in the process, speeds up microbial activity and brings the soil into ph balance. It also helps in high salt fields to bring the area into normal balance. This full circle balanced approach increases the bottom line profit. The residual benefits are also astounding. Year after year the soils balance out and become naturalized. They can hold more moisture and are friable. The microbes and minerals are thriving and the crop yields and health benefits speak for themselves.

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