Bioaugmentation is the introduction and stimulation of a group of natural microbial strains to change the chemical composition of manure. Changes that take place include:

  • neutralizing odorous, noxious and flammable gasses
  • solids are converted to stable, liquefied solutions
  • nutrients are recycled and stabilized

The large quantities of manure accumulated in the lagoons and pits of today’s confinement facilities require bioaugmentation to reduce, and, in many cases, eliminate the risk of pit explosions, asphyxiation and to provide a healthier environment for livestock and farm workers.

Bottom Line:
Growers, who understand the value of bioaugmented manure, can reduce plant nutrient cost, improve soil and plant health, improve crop residue decomposition, detoxify the soil (reduce salts) and improve nitrogen and other plant nutrient efficiencies.

  • Manure + ProfitPro’s Manure Program = Nutrient Rich, Non-Odorous Solution
  • The Solution is Bioaugmentation of the Manure
  • Reduce odor
  • Reduce lethal gas
  • Reduce solids
  • Reduce salt content
  • Reduce flies
  • Easier cleaning of equipment and facilities
  • Convert nutrients from inorganic (leachable form) to organic (less leachable form).
  • Allow for at-planting in-furrow, foliar, strip-till or broadcast applications
  • Improve uniformity of the manure from start to fin
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