Bulk-R is an advanced generation of plant nutrients to enhance nutrient availability and uptake by the plants. It contains natural growth promoters, enzyme precursors and nutrients essential for stimulating root growth and fruit bulking. Bulk-R is a blend of water soluble plant nutrients for efficient crop use and provides nutrients in a readily available form.


BioSequester is the most complete and advanced tool for managing all types of crop residue. It delivers enhanced residue breakdown powered by a natural team of residue digesting microorganisms.


Bio-Release is a fertilizer additive that reduces fixation of plant nutrients after soil application and unlocks unavailable plant nutrients in the soil, which allows for maximum crop uptake.

Bio-Mineral 75

Bio-Mineral 75 is a blend of natural Mineral 75 Ore and a Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer. Mineral 75 Ore, when solubilized with Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer, supplies an excellent source of natural minerals that are slowly available for the plant with a long term release. Mineral 75 Ore Solubilizer unlocks, solubilizes and stabilizes the minerals in Mineral 75 Ore.

BioImpact Avian The Natural Adjuvant

For use as an adjuvant with approved pesticides inside and outside of poultry operations. BioImpact AVIAN is a specialized formulation of natural surfactants and sticking agents developed to improve and enhance adhesion of the pesticide for increased efficacy. BioImpact AVIAN can positively affect the application of pesticides designed for use with wetting/spreading type adjuvants

BioImpact The Natural Adjuvant

BioImpactTM is a specialized formulation of chitosan, a natural surfactant and sticking agent. BioImpact can positively affect the application of nutritional sprays. BioImpact is a unique synergistic blend of principal functioning agents featuring the combined properties of a superior agricultural spreader and sticker.