Soft Rock Phosphate

Soft Rock Phosphate Soft Rock Phosphate (SRP) • SRP (prill) (dry) (0.5-24-0.5-31Ca + trace elements)available in 2,200 lb tote• Application rate: 150 to 450 lbs/Acre• Provides calcium, phosphorus and 55 trace minerals• 3 to 5 year breakdown in soil—one of the best waysto build soil nutrient levels• Naturally mined product from Idaho• Can be approved […]

Potassium Sulfate K2SO4

Potassium Sulfate K2SO4 Potassium Sulfate K2SO4• Potassium Sulfate (prill) (dry) (0-0-50-18S)available in 2,000 lb tote• Application rate: 50 to 100 lbs/Acre• Provides sulfur needed for seed fill• Choose either Conventional or Organic

Elemental Sulfur

Elemental Sulfur Elemental Sulfur (E.S.) • E.S. (prill) (dry) (95-98% S)available in 2,700 lb super tote• Application rate: 100 to 200 lbs/Acre• 3 to 5 year breakdown in soil• Naturally mined product from Canada• May reduce tight, sticky soils• Can be approved for Organic Use


OII-YS is a specialized formulation of natural surfactants and sticking agents. OII-YS can positively affect the application of nutritional sprays. OII-YS is a unique synergistic blend of principal functioning agents featuring the combined properties of a superior agricultural spreader and sticker. It enhances the activity and performance of foliar nutrients. With foliar applications, the superior wetting of OII-YS results in a more uniform distribution of material which increases the retention and absorption of sprays by reducing surface tension of the spray droplets. When applied to the soil, OII-YS improves wetting of hydrophobic soils by increasing water penetration into the soil matrix.

Herbolyte Plus

Designed to enhance herbicide performance, Herbolyte Plus supplies a balanced blend of micronutrients as well as modifies spray solution pH and water hardness. The ingredient blend in Herbolyte Plus has been found to promote herbicide uptake (such as glyphosate) in agriculture applications. Herbolyte Plus is designed to be used with glyphosate products without the adjuvant additions.


GroPAL is a highly concentrated ocean water concentrate that undergoes a number of natural solar concentration processes where the sodium levels gradually reduce and leave an ionic solution low in sodium, yet packed full of other minerals and trace elements. These bio-essential building blocks of life are missing in many types of soil. GroPAL infuses these essential nutrients back into the soil, the plant and the ecosystem.

Forage Enhancer

Forage EnhancerTM contains numerous groups of beneficial anaerobic microorganisms that improve the quality of fermentation. They also break down and reduce the complex carbohydrate structures in plants such as lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose, which are less digestible by the animals, and make these feed nutrients more bioavailable in the animal’s digestion process.

Fermentation Minerals

Fermentation MineralsTM are a select group of micronized natural ores that stimulate the beneficial anaerobic microorganisms in Forage EnhancerTM during the fermentation process of high moisture feed and enhance the digestion process of ruminant animals.

Crop Residue Digester / blend

Crop Residue Digester is a blend of ecologically-friendly technologies that speeds up the complete digestion of crop residue and primes the environment to produce nutrient dense, high-energy crops. Crop Residue Digester applied before or after manure applications (liquid or dry) will enhance the infield digestion and utilization of the manure.

Citric Acid

Use CitricAcid to lower spray solutions to pH 5.0 OR below for maximizing the efficiency of Chitosan products in all your nematicide, fungicide, fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide and nutritional sprays.