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Thursday, October 16, 2014

8:00 p.m. CDT (Central Daylight Time)

Cover Crops and Their Importance to Soil Health

Gabe Brown ,Guest Speaker and hosted by David Widman, ProfitProAG’s Consultant

Gabe Brown farms and ranches in North Dakota with his family. We will be talking about no-till, cover crops and livestock in his operation.

About the Brown’s Ranch:

We believe that faith, family and working with the natural resources that God has provided allows us a meaningful life.  We enjoy using these resources to regenerate landscapes for a sustainable future.

Our ranch is located just east of Bismarck, ND.  Shelly and I purchased the ranch from Shelly’s parents in 1991 and have grown the operation to 5400 acres of owned and leased land.  Son, Paul, returned to the ranch after graduation from North Dakota State University and became a partner in the operation.  Daughter, Kelly, lives and works in Fargo, ND and returns home to help whenever possible.

We believe in and practice Holistic Management, a part of which is farming and ranching in nature’s image. We strive to solve problems in a natural and sustainable way.  Improving soil health is a priority and no-till farming has been practiced since 1993.  A diverse cropping strategy, which includes cover and companion crops are used.  This has allowed us to reduce the use of commercial fertilizer by over 90% and the use of herbicides by over 75%.  Our ever evolving grazing strategy allows most of our pastures a recovery period of over 360 days.  These strategies have allowed the health of the soil, the mineral and water cycles to greatly improve.  In other words, the natural resources have benefited.  This results in increased production, profit and a higher quality of life for us.  We are moving towards sustainability for not only ours but future generations as well.

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2014 Summer Conference Videos ‑ The Importance of Microbes in Our Life

If you missed the conference, don’t worry! We videotaped the whole thing. Remember, it is a conference so the videos are long, but we tried to make them as easy to watch as possible. The speakers were outstanding and the information was priceless.

To watch the videos go to:



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