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January 2017

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January 19, 2017

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You are invited to ProfitProAG’s

2017 Winter Conference on February 9th & 10th.

ProfitProAG’s Winter Conference is a FREE two-day event. Attend either day or both days. A noon lunch will be served both days with dinner on the first day.

Soil Health – The Cornerstone of Profitability

in Crop and Livestock Production

Profitability and sustainability need to be the driving forces of a farming operation. Profitability is a process — not an event. Profitability is simply income minus cost. Income can be increased by improving yields, quality and price. There are existing and emerging value-added markets that may offer improved pricing opportunities.

Input cost can be reduced and sustainability improved by focusing on improving and managing healthy soils. Soil health is the cornerstone of profitability in crop and livestock production.

ProfitProAG, through the ProfitMaster Full-Circle System, offers insight and guidance on how to improve income, lower cost and improve profitability. This conference features an excellent lineup of speakers who will provide insight on how to get more from every acre or animal.


You will learn about:

          Improving soil health by managing soil carbon, biodiversity and
mineral balance

          Strategies and technologies to improve profitability in livestock production and manure management

          Market trends and opportunities in 2017 for crops and livestock

          The impact of seed type and selection on profit opportunities

          Using cover crops to build soil health and sustained profitability

          Opportunities in the emerging industrial hemp industry

          2016 in-field crop production observations

          Profit making suggestions in crop production for 2017


We have an excellent lineup of conference speakers to provide insight on how to improve your bottom line. See our website for their credentials.

Healthy soil is active, alive and continuously regenerating.

The soil and plant should be considered as one interconnected and interdependent living system. The better the soil, the better the plant. Improvement in soil health, plant health, quality and yield should cascade from year to year.

It all starts by improving and maintaining soil health. It is the firm foundation to produce more with less. Healthy soils produce healthy crops and reduce the reliance on excess tillage and fertilizer.

The following are common characteristics of healthy soil:

   1.   Drain and warm up quicker in the spring

   2.   Don’t crust after planting

   3.   Soak up heavy rains with little run-off

   4.   Store moisture for dry spells

   5.   Resist erosion and nutrient loss

   6.   Support teeming microbial populations

   7.   Doesn’t require ever-increasing fertilizer rates to maintain good yields

   8.   Produce healthy, high quality crops

   9.   Soft soil shows foot print when walked on

10.   Soil is aggregated like coffee grounds

11.   Lots of earthworm holes and castings

12.   Provides high energy (ERG’s) during seed fill

The following are the steps and sequence necessary to improve soil health, year to year consistency, water quality and profitability:

    1.  Build and maintain soil bioactive carbon (humus)

    2.  Remineralize soil

    3.  Build and maintain biodiversity

    4.  Reduce toxicity in the system

Doing these steps will result in nutrient retention, cycling, balance and plant availability.

“If you want to make money, you must mimic Mother Nature.”

The following are basic principles that need to be implemented to build and maintain healthy soils and renewable farming systems:

  Use plant diversity to increase soil organic matter and biodiversity in the soil.

  Manage soils by disturbing them less.

  Keep plants growing as much as possible throughout the year to feed the soil.

  Keep the soil covered as much as possible.



ProfitProAG’s Teleconference


The teleconference will highlight the main theme of ProfitProAG’s 2017 Winter Conference, “Soil Health – The Cornerstone of Profitability in Crop and Livestock Production.”

Guest speaker, Ken Anderson, will discuss the emerging industrial hemp industry and the opportunities it may offer crop producers. Thousands of acres of conventional and organic industrial hemp will be grown in select Midwest states in 2017. This offers crop growers another profitable cash crop option.

Bryan Parr, ProfitProAG’s organic crop consultant, will also review his 2016 in-field grower trials with ProfitCoat PB biological seed coating.

The Teleconference is Thursday, January 19th from 8 to 9 pm (Central Time). Call 1-855-212-0212, and then enter the meeting ID No. 769-100-082# (pound key). Just dial the number, listen and get your questions answered. Anonymity maintained. All calls will be muted when joining the teleconference. To ask a question press *6 (star six). After asking the question please press *6 again to re-mute your phone. We encourage participants to ask questions during the teleconference.


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